Casting Call for Character-Based Short Film

Casting Male and Female Monster Roles!

This is a character-based short film shooting over the course of two weekends, last two weekends of February, or first two weekends in March in metro Detroit. This project will be shot on RED Epic and/or Scarlet. Both crews are professional and hard-working. Both shoots promise to be fun!


When a vampire named Von Pyer is fired from his normal retail job, the house no longer has income. Von relies on the help of his friend/roommate Frank Endstein, and his pet Zombie (named Cuddles) to set up a lemonade stand to generate an income so they can maintain their standard of living. Since Von can’t be outside in daylight, he leaves the task to his dumb Frankenstein friend, which creates problems in itself.

Available Roles:

  • Von: A pot-smoking vampire that gets fired from his retail job.
  • Frank: A dumb oaf of a Frankenstein monster, but critical to the houses’s income after Von loses his job.
  • Cuddles: No dialogue, just a funny pet zombie.
  • Store Manager Anthony: He’s a jerk, and he’s the person who fires Von.
  • Customer Woman: only one line of dialogue
  • Clerk: featured extra
  • Lotto Ticket Winner: featured extra
  • Convenience Store Clerk: featured extra

NOTE: Males and Females are encouraged to apply for any of the monster roles, being that it’s featuring monsters, gender is irrelevant. If you’re perfect for the role, you’re perfect for the role. End of story.


No pay, but the Producers and involved crew are well-known people in Michigan’s film industry, definitely good people to be networked with. Also, the project will be a lot of fun!

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshots and resume to:

NOTE: Please indicate which role you are applying for in the subject line of your email. All auditions will be video auditions, sent through email/youtube.

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