Aspiring Male Actors Ages 60+ Needed for Upcoming Film (Livonia, MI)

The L Thing – Casting Call

CLV Productions, LLC is proud to announce our next independent short film called The L Thing. The film is written and will be directed and produced by the Emmy® Award winning and nationally syndicated TV producer Jeremy Salo. SuperHouse Pictures will team up to help create this provocative creative film.

The L Thing is a romantic comedy with a taste of Sci-Fi about a high school senior Collin who is overwhelmed with contemporary life. He discovers a new mysterious device called the l-Mod which appears to be the answer to controlling his busy life. Collin needs closure to his past and support in the present. Is the amazing l-Mod the solution or will he look to his girlfriend Kathy for the comfort and balance he needs?

We are holding auditions for the film on April 25th.

If you are interested in an audition, please send me a brief e-mail about your experience and I will then provide you with an address to send your headshot and resume.

There will be a limited amount of auditions scheduled. You must be scheduled to audition.

We are currently casting for the following part:

Supporting Role

Gramps: Age 60-85, Male. An ex-marine who appreciates an orderly life and brotherhood. However the death of loved ones and physical problems have turned him into a couch potato with little ambition and drive. He wishes his grandson Collin would accept the social standards of previous generations and do better in school.

This is an excellent opportunity for actors to get some on-set experience and great material for their demo reels. Actors will not be monetarily compensated but will receive a DVD of the finished film.

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  1. Robert Elnicky says:

    I was just posted on Michiganacting today and saw an attachmnent for auditions. Although it is past the cut off date I thought I would give it a shot. To see Head shot and resume Click on michacting site listed below.

    Please advise
    Thank you

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