Open Casting Call – “Bending Spoons” (Saginaw, MI)

“Bending Spoons”

An open casting call for day players and extras was held recently for a new movie being filmed in Mid-Michigan. The movie, called “Bending Spoons”, is produced by Saginaw Township native Mark Rupp. Among those already cast are Celeste Holm, Richard Pryor, Jr., Steve Christopher, Suzy Brack and the granddaughter of Lucille Ball, Katherine Luckinbill. An indie feature with Academy Award and Emmy Award winners in the cast, filming will begin in Michigan in late August/early September.

Those interested should contact Rupp through e-mail at

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  1. Michigan Film Production says:

    “Bending Spoons” brings film crews, opportunities to Saginaw
    by Sue White | The Saginaw News
    Thursday June 18, 2009, 6:00 AM

    Saginaw goes Hollywood soon, and its producer, Saginaw Township native Mark Rupp, is inviting everyone to the party.

    Already cast in “Bending Spoons,” a comedy-drama about terminally ill children, is Oscar winner Celeste Holm, Richard Pryor Jr., Lucille Ball’s granddaughter, Katharine Luckinbill, and “Matlock” director Daniel Roebuck, Rupp said. Written by a Freeland screenwriter who prefers to remain anonymous, it will film for three weeks in late August and early September on location around Saginaw.

    An open casting call for extras and a dozen small speaking parts begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 27, at a site Rupp will announce soon. A closed casting call takes place the next day, Sunday, June 28.

    Those interested should contact Rupp through e-mail at Roles are open for bikers, nurses, doctors, grandparents, parents and bodybuilders, as well as children 5 and older, who must come with a parent or legal guardian. Details on compensation are under discussion, Rupp said.

    “Reading the script, I laughed, and I was in tears and by the end — I was a mess,” said Rupp, who now shares his time between homes in Manhattan and Saginaw Township. “It’s a great story, and we have other major actors who haven’t signed yet but are very interested in taking part.”

    He’s hoping to persuade The Amazing Kreskin, the mentalist known for bending spoons, to make a cameo appearance, too, he said.

    “I’d love to put him in this funeral home scene, as the corpse,” Rupp said. “People who know him would get the joke; it would be hilarious.”

    Rupp, who writes about entertainment for media outlets in New York, recently wrapped a film in Illinois, “My Guaranteed Student Loan.” A 1980 graduate of Saginaw Township’s MacArthur High School, he also watched the film industry blossom in North Carolina from one or two productions a year to 15, and it’s something he says could pull Michigan to its feet again.

    “It benefits so many,” he said of film projects lured by Michigan’s 42-percent tax incentive. “I know there are some people who don’t get it yet, but they’ll see. I’ve probably spent six years total living in Saginaw in the past 20 years, and a lot has changed since I was here last.

    “But I knew I wanted to make this movie here, in Saginaw. I wanted to bring it home.”

  2. Daniella says:

    There is no date or information posted about the actual open casting call. When and where will it be? Is there someone who should be contacted to set up an appointment?

  3. verda says:

    I’m interested in a speaking part in your movie. please let me know how do I apply for this position. Thank you

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