Feature Film Casting Call for “The Sleeping Bear”

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The Sleeping Bear Film Casting Call

We’ve got one more week of casting left (at the most) and would like to see some more faces. So please respond quickly!

We’re a team of young producers, directors, writers, DPs etc who are coming together to create our first independent feature film, The Sleeping Bear. It’s a low/ no budget project, nobodies in it to make money- the small amount we have is going toward budgetary/ production value things. We have about a dozen very skilled artists coming in from Los Angeles and one from New Jersey to make this happen. Basically, we’ve found ourselves with a foot in the door and hollywood now looking at us saying, “let’s see what you can do.” So we intend to impress. The producer, writer, director Richard Cameron White is a Traverse City native and began the script over 2 years ago around production value and locations in Michigan so that’s why we’re all here! This is a fairly epic script for a no budget production; it’s definitely not your small indie movie, but a grand scale indie movie. It’s something a lot of people are passionate about and are committing a lot of time and money into and we’re looking for other actors to take the journey with us. It’s a great opportunity for some one looking to be seen and/ or break into the industry. The director is 22 years old and works for some of the biggest producers in Hollywood and just had his first national commercial air on TV. The DP was nominated for the ASC student film award and has been working non stop since arriving in LA. The co-writer and lead actor interned and works for an A- list actor who also produces a couple movies a year. This is something we’re planning on winning festivals with and eventually distributing, not in an attempt to make money but in an attempt to make the 2nd film even bigger and better- and to show these people what we can do.

We’re going to be holding casting in early August for a handful of roles. We need a pretty serious commitment from Kristen, Peter, and Joey Taylor for the month of September. We will need you almost every day all day, so if you are not willing to make that commitment please refrain from applying. Shooting will be the entire month of September and possibly bleed into the 1st week of October (depending on your character). So like I said, we’re looking for people who are passionate like ourselves and ready to get serious about being in the film industry. Which is the best industry in the world if you didn’t know… trust me. It’s so hard, but so fun and rewarding.

The film is Garden State meets Dan in Real Life meets Magnolia. 3 of our roles have already been cast, the roles below all have serious screen time, dialogue, and importance to the story.

Available Roles:

  • Kristen Taylor – 20’s female. Adventurous, out going, and witty with an artistic flair. Kristen is our lead female role, she finds herself caught in the middle of two friends vying for her attention. She can be promiscuous, but is respectful and loving to her conservative family. She tends to surprise and is never what you seem.
  • Peter Taylor – 50’s male. Kristen and Joey’s conservative, awkwardly amusing father. Peter’s the pastor of a Christian church, he’s a good person, with a missionary outlook on the world.
  • Vera – 30’s female. She’s an assertive, smart-ass, self made woman. She’s also the lead character’s real estate agent and one of the few people close to him.
  • Denise Taylor – 40’s female. She’s the Pastor’s wife and she plays her role well. She’s pretty, well kept and mannered, and she’s a very accepting person.
  • Sarah Olsen – Early 30’s female. Mother of Kyle Olsen, might be considered a cougar, but she’s not. She’s a very nice woman who has happened to have had a previous sexual encounter with our 24 year male lead. She’s caring and understanding, but possible to a fault.
  • Kids – 8-14 male. For a basketball scene


These are not paid positions.

How to Apply:

Please respond with the ROLE you’re auditioning for and your NAME in the subject line to TheSleepingBear@gmail.com.

Make sure to give a quick bio of yourself, why you want to work on this movie, and include a headshot or picture. We’ll be responding to anyone who looks relatively right for the role. Thanks so much!

For more information visit TheSleepingBearMovie.com.

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  1. Terri Partyka says:

    Where is this movie auditioning and filming?

  2. tom says:

    that was my question terri. Im in grand rapids. would I have to travel alot?

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