Casting Actors & Crew for National Film Challenge

Talented Film Crew and Actors Needed

2011 National Film Challenge Casting

I’m participating in the National Film Challenge from October 21st – October 24th, 2011 and looking to fill three remaining crew positions and six actors.

Available Roles:

  • A young woman in 20’s of Arabic or Middle-Eastern decent.
  • Three men or women of any age, sex, or race to play detectives/police officer
  • Two young black males and one white male18-30, physically fit.
  • Older woman (old enough to be mother of 20 year old; she can double as a police officer/detective
  • Older man, old enough to be father of 20 year old: can also double as police/officer detective

Crew Positions:

  • Gaffer/Grip
  • Lighting
  • Script Supervisor


No monetary compensation because of the film rules, but food and full film credits will be provided.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please send an email to Victoria at:

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