Casting Call for Full Length Animated Film

Native Americans Talent Needed

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We are in the last few weeks of pre-production for a full length animated film and are looking for Native American talent. We will hold an audition based on the availability of the interested people. It will be in Grand Rapids. All filming will be in Grand Rapids, in a studio with a green screen. Filming is planned for the middle of June 2012. It should be less than a week for each person. All inside. In a studio.

Following traditional Native American stories and storytelling, we are going to get what we need out of the cast in roughly a week of filming in the Grand Rapids area. We will be chasing our actors/hunters through an imaginary forest as they become the hunted. The director moves fast and knows what he needs you to do. All of this will come out looking like an animated film. (Think “Sin City”…but better.)

Available Roles:

  • Hunter 1: (Male, ages 17-25) Young, amateur hunter. Native American. Lean in build, perhaps on the side of skinny.
  • Hunter 2: (Male, ages 22-35) Middle, average hunter. Arrogant, even. Lean to muscular in build. Native American appearance.
  • Hunter 3: (Male, ages 45-65) Eldest, well experienced. Needs to look old in appearance. Native American.
  • Spider Woman: (Female, ages 22-35) Native American in appearance. Hunts. Will be in a distressed situation.
  • Old Marsh Woman: (Female, ages, 55-90) Will need to look 55-90 years old. (Some of which can be done in post production.) The young attractive woman will morph into this.
  • Young Marsh Woman: (Female, ages 20-35) Plays a woman that lures the hunters into a swamp. Attractive. Slender-muscular build.
  • Extras: (Male and female, ages 18+)

NOTE: All roles with the exception of Marsh Woman, will be physically demanding. We will need you to run, hunch, jump, climb, etc. There will not be nudity on screen, but we do need a shot that will have the woman’s chest covered by her long hair. There will be availability for them to dress this themselves, or with the assistance of a same sex person aiding in costumes/hair.

Available Crew/Support:

  • Music Submissions: Native American. Traditional. Tribal. You will need to have the rights to the music.
  • Original Artwork: Native American drawings, sketches, paintings, etc.
  • Costuming: Pelts, animal hides, access and knowledge of the traditional attire is a must.
  • Language: We need someone experienced in Potawatami to help our writer beginning ASAP! Then working with the cast and potential voice over work.
  • Weapons: We have a list of specific weapons/tools we are looking for, and would like someone to be able to help supply & build these, as well as train the cast.


It would be safe to assume none of these are paid positions. We have a budget, but it is a low one. Depending on the situation and what someone can contribute there will be room for reimbursements, gas, food, etc. In a perfect world, our Native American cast members would be able to help with the¬†acquisition of some of the other items listed. You will receive IMDB credit, and a copy of the project…guaranteed. This is NOT one of the projects that “never gets finished”. You will have a finished project to your credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume and headshots (for talent) to Jenny at:

NOTE: Please include in your email any links to your previous work. Don’t worry about getting a polished resume or portfolio. If you are interested in working on this, and have the resources, just fire us an email. We can sort out details later.

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