“Bridging The Gap” Casting Call for WSU Student Film (Detroit, MI)

Casting Actor for WADE COOK Character

I’m a student at Wayne State University. I am currently putting together a 15-20 minute film for my final project called “Bridging The Gap”. It details a deteriorating relationship between a retired divorced basketball player and his son, who is a rising star player in high school over the course of a two week visit. Unfortunately, close to shooting time, one of my actors had to drop out due to having to film a project of his own.

The role I’m looking to cast is the character WADE COOK, who is also a former basketball player and the best friend of the film’s protagonist. Wade’s role isn’t huge and there’s not too much dialogue, but he appears in a great deal of scenes, including a 3-on-3 basketball game. It doesn’t matter which ethnicity or size for this particular role. This role requires several days of shooting, starting Sunday, April 18th. Please reply if you have reliable transportation and are sure that you can make it to the first shooting day.

If you’re interested, please reply to jwashington1984@yahoo.com with your resume and headshot, and I’ll try to contact you as soon as possible with a copy of the synopsis and script.

This is a non-paying gig, but you will receive full credit and a copy of the entire film on DVD.

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