“Breaking Barriers” Casting Call and Auditions

Casting Actors, Actresses and Crew for New Refugee Media Play

Refugee Media is producing a series of plays with Breaking Barriers being its first. We plan on making plays that educate communities on mental illness, disabilities, lessons learned, and over coming hardships. Plays may be designed by our board members or by our actors/actresses. Some plays will be re-enactments designed by actors/actresses as a form of healing or help cast others to play out what they experienced or what they want to experience as a success story.

Casting a variety of actors all ages for a new play written by J. Bismack. The first set of auditions will be held on Friday, May 25th in Troy, MI and Saturday, May 26th in Waterford, MI from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. You must call for location information.


Young Sam expresses her career dreams to parents. Sam’s parents do not make the time to guide Sam with her dreams. Sam’s dad is too busy working out of state to provide for the family’s lifestyle. Sam’s mother is secretly considering divorce as her co-workers & so-called friends suggest she deserves a better man. However, she has a good man. The divorce happens and Sam’s appearance is altered along with her morals & values.

Sam is proactive about her health and seeks clinical attention for her family problems. She is able to transition away from her mother’s manipulation when she finds love and can move away. Sam has a child of her own and makes sure she makes time to guide his dream. Sam’s mom continues to try to sabotage Sam’s path to a normal life with her own family. The play ends with a heated court debate over parental rights and mental illness that you won’t want to miss!

Available Roles:

  • Samantha: (Female, Asian, Caribbean, Caucasian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Native American)  Three different people will get this part to play around 30 minute segments of the lead role at different times in the characters life. Young Sam, please look age 7-12 (must be willing to do 2 minute dance routine on stage) she is very innocent and into art, music, dancing, dolls, singing, and writing. Teen Sam, please look age13-16; teen Sam is the rebellious version of Sam and is expressive in her clothes and make up. Adult Sam, please look like a mature age 21-35; is into being a mom, loving life, and healing past family wounds.
  • Catalina: (Female, open ethnicity, ages 30 to 60) Look between 30-50, manipulative, selfish for the perfect image with no regard for others., uneducated, and no regard for others.
  • Dad: (Male, open ethnicity, ages 30-60) Look between 40-60, desperate to give his family the life he always wanted.
  • Catlina’s Boyfriend: (Male, open ethnicity, ages 30-60) Look between 30-40; legal problems, abuses women, substance & chemical dependency.
  • Catalina’s 2nd Husband: (Male, open ethnicity, ages 30-60) Look between 30-50; military, uneducated, selfish for the perfect image with no regard for others.
  • Evan (Sam’s son): (Caucasian, ages 30-60 but should look 50) Look age 13 or younger; a little boy who loves baseball.
  • Extras: Catalina’s parents, Sam’s friends young and old 8-25, men & women for night club scene 21+, mother’s so called friends and co-workers,Judge, 2 lawyers, doctor, & Cleveland Indians baseball catcher.

Available Crew Positions:

Lighting, sound, writer, casting additonal directors, personal assistant, hair, make up , wardrobe, designer, public relations & camera man/photographer.


This project may or may not involve pay. Please come expecting no pay but, I plan on distributing profits after my cost to produce each play according to your involvement with this play and future plays through grant funding, retail & ticket sales-minus the cost to keep the shows going.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied.

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