“Branded” is Casting Extras for Feature Length Film (Pontiac, MI)

Branded Feature Film will be filming July 2010

We are complete with our lead, supporting, and principal roles. We are now seeking to fill our featured extras and extra roles.

Please put in the subject the scene/part you are applying for. You will read it in “parenthesis” below.
Attach your full name, email address, photos, and contact phone number in the body of your email. Email Clarice at extras@firefly-films.com.

We have over 140 extra roles open so try to follow what we ask for to make it easier.

Director Virginia Bryant’s first film hit: IMDB Profile
You can view her credits as an actress at IMDB Profile
Our writer, Mario Passerra IMDB Profile

Extras Needed:

30 – “Fit Female Soldiers” – extras will be used in 3 scenes jogging, shooting range, barracks
9 – “15-18 Year Old Teenagers” for School hallway scene and Hamburger joint patrons
1 – “Pregnant” Girl – Featured Extra – we will supply the belly lol
10 – “School Aged Children” Boys and Girls need to look between 7-10 years old – running around the playground and gather around during a fight
20 – “College Aged Females” for support group speech – sitting in college room
45 – “Women of all sorts” for support group speech and an audience support group speech
6 – “Well dressed women” for an intimate support group – drinking coffee
30 – “Men of all sorts” for an audience support group speech
7 – “Bar Patrons” ages 21-30 – shooting pool and sitting at bar
3 – “Well dressed office personnel”
4 – “Car dealership” shoppers

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16 Responses to ““Branded” is Casting Extras for Feature Length Film (Pontiac, MI)”

  1. Michelle Sanders says:

    My name is Michelle. I’m interested in being an extra for Branded. I would fit the description of several needed females.
    I’m 5’0, 122lbs, my age range is 30-45.

  2. Desiree Garcia says:

    Hello I am 31 years old I am a bigger gal, I am 5’8, I also have a daughter who is going to be 7 in April she is 4’7″ so she is taller and looks older. I will need to know if this is paid or not so i can get her a work permit. I have worked on Red Dawn and Secrets in the Walls!

  3. Travis Hale says:

    Hi..my name is Travis Im 39yo (but don’t look it) 6’1 230 and I am intrested in being an extra in your movie “BRANDED”! I would be auditioning for a role as an extra.. Probably a Bar patron or a costumer looking to purchase a car!

  4. Jessica Schuette says:

    Hi, My name is Jessica and I turn twenty next month. I would fit many descriptions of the numerous different females needed. I am petite, and 5’4″ with an atheltic look. Please email with more information as I am a model with one source and very interested. Thanks!

  5. Marianne Palinski says:

    I am very excited about enhancing my experiences in the acting field and would love to audition as an Extra for the feature film “Branded”. I am professional, energetic, youthful looking, personable and dependable. I believe I would fit the following roles:
    “Well Dressed Women”
    “Well Dressed Office Personnel”
    “Women of all Sorts”

    Prior to entering the entertainment field, I was a successful corporate events planner for a large global manufacturer of home bulding products. I believe I would be an asset to you in the filming of this movie.

    I will send my comp card via the One Source Talent website.

    Thank you.

    Marianne Palinski
    (419) 878-2712

  6. bobbi halvorson says:

    hello!!! i am volunteering for on and off set. I would love to be and extra in a movie, that would and experience :) i would most likely fit the college scene, sitting in a bar or just a random lady. Also i am very interested in special effects make-up. I went to school for cosmetology to be more well rounded for when i pursued the special effects. I guess I would actually like to get some experience behind the scenes before i make the comment of an expensive school. Thanks so much!

  7. TreVaughn Herron says:


    This is TreVaughn’s Mom who feels her son was a born actor from birth. He is very dramatic and a fight scene boy would he play this part well. As well, he is a well manored youth that currently carries a 3.0 grade point and striving for a 4.0 grade point in order to receive a mini motor cycle.

  8. Erik says:

    Hello Erik here, I am 20 year old male. I would be pretty much open to anything. I have never been in an extra before and would be very interested in the experience. I would probably fit into a college scene well or as a customer.


  9. Erik says:

    20 Year old male available as customer or audience

  10. Breanne Dandridge says:

    I am 21 year old aspiring actress. I am 5’4 and 135lbs. I would fit the description of most of the females roles needed.

  11. John Rizk says:

    Hello, my names John, I’m 6’0 – 6’1ish, I’m 20 years old, 160 lbs and I’m interested in being one of your extras, which ever you need to be filled! Thank you.

  12. Beth Jacobs says:


    I am interested in “Women of All Sorts” or “Well Dressed Women” I am 5’8″ blonde medium length hair, 150lbs and in the 35-45 age range but look in my 30’s.



  13. Susan Gorbe says:

    I have a daughter, Emma, who will be 8 in July, she is tall for her age (4’6″) . She would be interested in the school aged kids scene.
    I am a teacher and will be 40 this summer and would fit the “Women of All Sorts” .


  14. Craig Mitchell says:

    Hey,This is Craig Mitchell and I am interested in being a extra in your movie. I’m 5’10 and Built(Great Shape) and I am 19years old. Also did shows in high school took a break and now I’m back to acting. I’m mostly available anytime just have to contact a day or two before.I’m very open can do any type of scene but for this I can do Men of all sorts,Bar Patrons,Well dressed office personnel, or Car dealership shoppers. So just email me with the details and look forward onto helping with this amazing project.

    Craig Mitchell

  15. sareeya mcnally says:

    i am interest to play an extra. am 5’2″ and petite framed. i am thirty, but told that i could pull off a high school graduate when dressed a certain way. i am a cos student and would love to help out/work off camera for wardrobe/hair/make-up also. This seems like an awesome project to be a part of.
    look forward to your reply. thank you

  16. HELLO!
    THANK YOU!!!!

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