“Branded” Auditions for Non Union Film – Firefly Films (Ferndale, MI)

Auditions for “BRANDED”

A NON UNION FILM – will be held on December 19, 9am – 6pm
The Marcole Building in Ferndale (22720 Woodward Ave. 9 mile and Woodward)
There is parking behind the building and on the street. You will clearly see the name of the building on it.

Bring headshot and resume, or photo and experience.

You do not have to forward your resume or headshot ahead of time to any email.

Come prepared for the part you want to read for with the monologue that matches and note we may have you cold read for a part off the script there on the spot that we see you fit.

Come relaxed! We want to get you know you as well as you get to know us. If we seem to be rushed to not take it as if you didn’t audition well. Please take it as we may be very busy and want to keep the process flowing. We do not know the turn out for this day.

Call backs will be made.

Email: virginia@firefly-films.com


(blonde / brown hair, bluish, hazel eyes)
Just as extroverted as thirty-year-old Jesse, but way less assertive or aggressive. She is as gentle and loving as they come, which makes her all the more confused that her mother keeps her at an emotional distance. Her closest relative is her cousin Danielle, two years younger than her, whom she is very protective of. She has her eyes set on college but doesn’t know what she wants to do for a career. But when she is raped, her life changes dramatically. She experiences pain and confusion like never before. She doesn’t know how to handle the pain, and unable to tell anyone about it, her thoughts twist through her mind until she has to run away or go crazy. She runs away by joining the Army, where her mental, emotional, and physical strength are all pushed to the limits by basic training and an aborted pregnancy. She spends her 18th birthday in Somalia and yearns for home.
Character Traits: Extroverted, Carefree, Pretty, Tom boy, Sweet

ERIC, 32
(must have deep dark brown eyes-if you can wear contacts then you can audition) (son has deep dark brown eyes and auburn hair) (must look as if you can be the boys father-hair color is not an issue)
Jesse’s husband. A good man. He is a good listener and a romantic husband. He works as a construction contractor and is handy around the house. He loves his wife and son deeply and has every intention of taking care of them. When he learns that his wife was raped when she was seventeen and still suffers from the psychological scars, he feels unsure of how to help her, so he tells her to sign her up for counseling. When this doesn’t work, he tries to help her himself by talking to her about her feelings more. But he cannot truly understand her feelings and usually ends up saying the wrong thing. He
also does not seem to notice his own emotional distance, and his lack of concern about his own feelings. He keeps them under wrap by focusing on his wife’s problems. Eventually the emotional gap between he and Jesse is too much for him, and he opts for
Character Traits: Masculine, Gentle in bed, Goofy/light-hearted, Romantic

Danielle’s cousin is Jesse so Danielle must be full Caucasian or mixed with it, Italian- American, Latin-American, Black-American, etc
Jesse’s cousin and closest confidant. She is always there for Jesse, ready to reassure her or tell her when she might be making a mistake. She is a good person, but has made some bad choices in her life that she has learned from. Yet they are mistakes that she hasn’t been able to get out of, so she lives vicariously through her older cousin Jesse’s life. She is someone that is a good listener and can keep secrets. She loves talking to Jesse because she feels like she can speak freer and joke around more than she can with her husband.
Character Traits: Compassionate, Blunt, Down to earth, Extremely well-groomed/dressed

Caucasian or mixed with it, Italian- American, Latin-American, Black-American
Bell’s younger cousin. Though she is an independent person, she respects Bell’s authority over her. She is always in a good mood and likes to tease Bell. She comes from a stable mother/father household, but has no siblings, so Bell is like a sister to her. Her clothes help her feel good about herself, so she always dresses to look cute.
Character Traits: Blunt, Down to earth, Chipper, Intuitive

(Open Ethnicity)
A single mother who was also the victim of a rape. She is a ‘wise beyond her years’ sweetheart who has let herself lose most of her self esteem and become aimless. Though she works hard to support her child and has a positive, humorous disposition, she feels unable to increase her lot in life. The only thing she puts much effort into is her psychological recovery after her rape. Through her friendship with Jesse she develops her self esteem and confidence, culminating in her being able to deliver public speeches to dozens of victims at a time.
Character Traits: Naturally wise, Not book smart, Brave, Shy, Nice, sweet, Listens to rock, Dresses in black

(Open Ethnicity)
The boyfriend of Kelly. He is an extrovert. Has many friends. He is the manager of a pub in town and has a real estate license so has many toys at home and drives a convertible. He holds a master degree in business. He is very compassionate about Kelly’s rape. He spends a lot of time with Kelly and her child before he goes off to work. He at times comes to Kelly’s house a bit tipsy after the closing the pub down on Fridays and Saturday nights. He starts to bring up a sexual relationship with Kelly and pressuring her into marriage. All of this talk starts to make her feel uncomfortable and back a way a bit. She now suspects that he may be sleeping around with one of the waitresses. He starts to notice Kelly’s new independent behavior as she befriends Jesse and doesn’t really like it. He date rapes Kelly.
Character Traits: A go-getter, Listens to top 40’s / hip music, Plays golf, Very funny, Compassionate, Very popular, Handsome.

MOM, 50-60
Her daughter is Jesse she is Caucasian so the mother must be full Caucasian or mixed with it, Italian- American, Latin-American, more likely the same hair color would be ideal as Jesse to pull the mother off.
Jesses mother is very loving but grew up in extreme poverty in charge of many siblings, so she conditioned herself long ago to avoid showing emotions. She takes it for granted that she will lose loved ones, so she is afraid to get too close to them. A motivational figure in Jesse’s life, her disconnect from Jesse makes Jesse want to make her proud, or at least establish some sort of mother-daughter line of communication with her. Her positive and negative traits both lead to Jesse keeping the rape a secret (her positive traits make Jesse love her and therefore yield to her boyfriend’s threats to kill her mom and sister if Jesse tells anyone about the rape, and her negative traits make Jesse feel like she can’t profess such a personal secret to her until close to the end of the film. Eventually Jesse tells her mom about her rape that occurred thirteen years earlier. To Jesse’s surprise, her mom reacts in an extremely comforting way.
Character Traits: Cold/Distant, Strong/Respectable, Humble

(Open Ethnicity)
Young Jesse’s boyfriend. He is an amateur boxer and also likes to use his hands to give Jesse massages. He’s the type of guy that sits quietly as the rest of the group talks. He is quiet but polite, and he has a big, warm smile. His personality reverses in a hurry when he rapes Jesse. He goes from quiet to beastly in three seconds flat. Clearly a troubled young man, he threatens to kill Jesse’s family if she tells anyone about the rape–and yet he continues to speak of love to her.
TONY (The Bootycall), Male, 30, Italian-American
Ruggedly handsome, short but strong, artistic, overly polite. Fancies himself a modern-day Ernest Hemingway despite still being a bartender at 30. He talks a lot about himself, appears to be confident but is really just putting up a façade to hide his insecurities. He is needy and submissive in relationships.
Back story:
Third-generation Italian, grew up a mama’s boy, aunt’s boy, and grandma’s boy. Went to art school but has had no success as a photographer or painter. Drives a Sports Coupe Jaguar. A smooth talker with stories to tell, he makes an excellent bartender. He has always been efficient at getting women into bed with him, but he longs for an emotional connection he has yet to find.

ALYSSA (Kleenex-box Counselor), Female, 26
(Open Ethnicity)
Intelligent, confident, pretty. She has the art of fake friendliness imbedded in her behavior, yet she is oblivious to people’s body language and is completely out of touch with human emotions.
Back story:
She is fresh out of grad school and is volunteering as a rape counselor to pad her resume.

ARMY RECRUITER, Male, 40, African American
Fatherly, handsome, charming, soft-spoken. A friendly, subtle salesman that believes in what he’s selling.
Back story:
He served in Iraq during the first Gulf War but saw no combat. He knows only victory and has always been able to accomplish it without much effort, through charm and intelligence. He is a third generation soldier and is strongly patriotic.

DR. ANTHONY, Female, Late 50’s
A grizzled, gray-haired Army physician. .A good-hearted woman that speaks in a no-nonsense way even when she’s doing something nice.
Back Story:
She has been in the military for twenty years, and before that worked at inner-city hospitals. Nothing shocks her. Helping people has become routine, but deep down she still loves it, otherwise she would have retired years ago. She’s a survivor; she has worked long hours under stressful conditions for decades.

Firefly Film Website: www.firefly-films.com

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  1. jake martin says:

    hi my name is jake marting and would love to try for a part in your movie for the part of either blake or brent i have little experience but can learn really fast and willing to work my ass off for you just asking to get a shot thank you

  2. Katie Jo Schaub says:

    Hi, I was curious if you had any crew positions open. I am a non union stage hand and I can send a resume if you do have such positions open. thank you.

    Katie Jo Schaub

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