BowHunting Addiction TV Needs Camera Operators (Lenox, MI)

Cameramen for Outdoor TV Show

BowHunting  Addiction TV

We are looking for 2 part time cameramen to travel with our outdoor tv show. The season is August through January. Experience is not necessary it is helpful, but you must put in some time to learn if not experinced.

  • You must be willing to travel for weeks at a time in US and Canada(must have passport).
  • Non-Smoker
  • Being a hunter is helpful
  • Scent control conscience
  • There are some perks clothing,gear,etc.
  • It’s not just filming when on location,also helping hang stands,trim new sets,etc.
  • Understand you will be gone from family weeks at a time and sometimes months.


These are paid positions. Pay based on experience but negotiable.

How to Apply:

If interested please email your resume to

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One Response to “BowHunting Addiction TV Needs Camera Operators (Lenox, MI)”

  1. charles savino says:

    I’m not a camera man, however I’m a quick study.
    I am an avid hunter, bow hunting included.
    I am willing to travel.
    I am 50 yrs. old
    Thank you.
    Chuck Savino

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