Casting Call for “Boss Lady” (Detroit Metro, Michigan)

“Boss Lady” Casting Call

Vanessa Lynn’s much anticipated stage play “Boss Lady” the story of a high powered Jersey Native and CEO of Gravedigger Entertainment who has risen to the levels of success of male counterparts P.Diddy and Jay Z, Roxanne controls everything around her world until everything starts to fall apart when secrets are leaked to the media that could only come from the inside, a very sophisticated drama with an even more explosive ending.


Roxanne Graves “The Boss Lady”: (af am) early to mid thirties tall chocolate colored woman a tough music mogul with a hard exterior everything is about her and her money, very professional but with a street edge and swagger. MUST HAVE STRONG VOCAL SINGING ABILITIES

Hank Graves: (af am) early thirties attractive male and husband of Roxanne, Hank is mild mannered, sophisticated, and at times seems like a push over, he also has aspirations of the music business but Roxanne does not support him. SINGING IS A PLUS BUT NOT NECESSARY

Nakia: (af am)-light complexion 18 year old niece of Hank, petite but very attractive and bright personality, Nakia is protégé of Roxanne and aspires to be like her.MUST HAVE STRONG VOCAL SINGING ABILITIES.

Marty: (af am) Mail guy at Gravedigger Entertainment, very comedic and always has a positive attitude and words of wisdom for Roxanne, which she ignores.

Ricardo Perez: (Hispanic) handsome record executive at rival Bodacious Records very slick personality and intimidating presence.

Sarah: (race open) Roxanne’s “Ugly Betty type” personal assistant, uncoordinated in clothing and gestures but very sharp in the business world, comedic/dramatic.

Max-a-Million: (af am) Gravediggers star performer and up and coming artist a real R & B crooner and eye candy for the ladies a total package singing, dancing and acting. STRONG R&B SINGER & DANCER

Rhonda: (af am) Roxanne’s hilarious housekeeper, never does any work and is constantly flirting with hank. VERY COMEDIC.

All roles paid for performances.

To be considered please send a professional Headshot, Resume, and Demo Reel if available : DMTM USA CASTING SERVICES

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