“Born To Shine” Casting Call for Drama Film

Auditions for Actors and Actresses

“Born To Shine” is a film about a young boy who was nearly aborted when he was three months in his mothers womb. Thru the grace of God, his life was spared. Drama. Auditions will be held August 4, 2012 in Pontiac, MI. Shoot dates for this film are still being determined.

Available Roles:

  • Mr. Boykins: African- American, 50-60 year old family man who has a strong relationship with God. He supports his family in every way he can.
  • Mrs. Boykins: African-American, 45-50yr old praying mother of 5 kids. She has a caring and sensitive heart.
  • Mrs. Parker: African-American, A 30-35yr old mother of 4 kids. She had a child young and never fully enjoyed her teenage years. She’s energetic, loud, and bossy.
  • Mr. Parker: African-American, 30-35 yr old father. Laid back. He let’s his wife do all the talking.
  • Duval Boykins: African-American, 17-18 yr old young man. Good looking and charming. He finds out he has a baby on the way his senior year in high school. Nervous and excited about the news.
  • Shawntay Parker: African-American, 17-18 yr old young lady. Sexy body with a beautiful smile. She gets pregnant by her boyfriend Duval. Her mother forces her to get an abortion.
  • John: African-American, 17-18 yr old young man. He and Duval are close friends.
  • Marcos: Latino, 17-18 yr old young man. He and Duval are close friends.
  • Keisha: African-America, 17-18yrs old. She is Shawntay’s childhood friend and she’s 2 months pregnant.
  • Lexis: African-American, Any age. One of Shawntay’s hair clients.
  • Brandon: African-American, 17-24 yrs old. A cool old friend that Duval runs into at work.
  • Jermaine: African-American, Any age. Duval’s manager at work.
  • Caprice: African-American, 8-13yrs old. Shawntays little sister.
  • Mr. Murray: African-American, 30-35yrs old. Shawntay’s dad. He’s been in and out her life since she was a little girl.
  • Tamera: African-American, 25-30yrs old. Duvals oldest sister. She has a strong relationship with God.
  • Security Guard: Any Race, 18-Any age. Little dialog.
  • Nurse Morton: Any Race, 25-40 yrs old. She has a great spirit. Works in the ER department.
  • Dr. Culver: Any Race, 40-50 yrs old. He reverses the abortion process and saves the baby.
  • Abortion Nurse: Any Race, 30-45yrs old. She attempts to abort Shawntays baby.


These are not paid roles. You will receive a copy of film, food and credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to: borntoshinethemovie@gmail.com

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