“Bennetta” Casting Call- A Short Film (Detroit, MI)

Detroit Auditions – “Bennetta”

Bennetta Price is a young girl who longs for female companionship; she has no sisters and has a hard time making friends at school when a minor incident changes her appearance. This childhood tale is one any kid can relate to on the quest for friendship.


Friday, October 16th from 2 pm-6 pm
Saturday, October 17th from 2 pm-6 pm
Auditions are by appointment, so please contact the director at kimricefilms@yahoo.com with your desired audition time and desired role.Thank you.

Local Detroit Filmmaker is looking for individuals who can portray the following characters in the roles listed below:

BENNETTA PRICE– a girl between ages 5-11 years old who is open-minded, experimental and full of energy.

JACOB PRICE– Bennetta’s older brother, about 8-12 years old, he is funny and likes to laugh a lot

JORDAN PRICE– Bennetta’s youngest brother, about 3-7 years old. He is quiet and very observant.

NATHANIEL PRICE– Bennetta’s oldest brother, a teenager around age 16-18. He is an athletic guy who has good intentions.

LOLETTA PRICE– Bennetta’s mother, a single parent in her early 40s. She has spunk and attitude which is apparent when she speaks.

WANDA– Bennetta’s classmate, a girl with an attitude.

ASHLEY– Bennetta’s classmates who laughs a lot.

MR. WOODYARD– Neighborhood barber. He is a man in his late 50’s-early 60s with an old school persona and is laid back.

WOMAN AT BARBER SHOP– A nice lady in her late 30s to early 40s. She is reassuring.

MS. DANFORTH– Bennetta’s Elementary School teacher. She is a woman in her late 30s-40s. She is a friendly lady who enjoys teaching.

THOMAS– Bennetta’s neighbor, a boy her age. He is a good football player.

LATOYA– The new girl at school, between ages 5-10, with a feisty attitude; a fighter. She likes to play hand games.

DONALD– Latoya’s big brother of about age 7-12, he is friendly, giving and stands up for what he believes in.

For more information or to schedule an audition email: kimricefilms@yahoo.com

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  1. Mitchell Uppman says:

    Mitchell my son, 13 year old 8th grader, would like to know if the part for Jacob Price has been filled. He just played the lead roll in thier school play and does wonderful in front of people, he loves acting and feels very comfortable learning his lines. He would love the opportunity to audition if possible. Would you please let us know if this would still be available for him?
    His mother,
    Tammy Junker

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