“Bender” Movie Auditions & Casting Call (Rochester Hills, MI)

Alliance Casting Auditions

Alliance Stars Casting

Alliance Casting is holding auditions on March 12th for the movie “Bender”.

Audition Details:

Date: March 12th , 2011 (*Rescheduled from February 26th)
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Doors close at 3:00 pm)
Location: Michigan Production Complex 6875 N. Rochester Rd. Rochester Hills, MI 48306

Available Roles:

  • Rick (Enrique Chavez): Latino, dark hair, medium build, a bit scruffy, yet hip. He’s in his late 20’s-early 30’s. Seems to enjoy his self destructive ways. Has a jaded view of the world. Keeps an emotional wall between himself and women.
  • Ben (Benjamin Cavanaugh): Rick’s closest friend. Grew up with Rick. Late 20’s-early 30’s. African American, blue collar guy, more easy going, with a good sense of humor. Stocky build, with sandy brown hair. Married once, has a son who he loves dearly.
  • JT (John Tyler): The youngest of the three friends. Early 20’s Mid 20’s. Although JT’s older brother Jacob grew up with Rick and Ben, they took in JT as their own when Jacob went away. Less hardened, a little na’ve. Falls in love fast. Thin, boy-ish looking, White. In his late twenties
  • Mariana (Mariana Rivera): Beautiful, voluptuous, with dark raven hair. Mid 20’s – Late 20’s. As intelligent as she is beautiful. She does not seem to realize how attractive she is.
  • Kaylen (Kaylen Harrington): JT’s ex / current girlfriend, who’s expecting their child. Early 20’s. They have a rocky relationship. Has a child (daughter, Christina) from a previous relationship.
  • Alyssa: Mid 20’s, brown hair, hip. Typical young, care free party girl. Waitress. Always in for a good time.
  • Kristen: Alyssa’s girl. Short hair cut, brown. A little sassy. She’s a typical cool, down ass chick.
  • Heather: Bubbly, flighty, blonde hair.
  • Claudia: The less attractive of the Party Girls. Debbie Downer. When her girls get all the attention, she gets agitated.
  • Reynaldo: Famous Detroit artist/ car designer. Completely drug-addled. A cartoonish shell of his former self. Very eccentric.
  • Torien: Rick’s boy from the hood. Always hustling.
  • Smoke: Hard ass street dealer that Rick wants to cop from.
  • Trigga: Smoke’s boy, his right hand man.
  • Frank: Typical hipster. Owns property in Detroit, including Slow Burnin’ BBQ. Cocky, arrogant.
  • Candace: Frank’s girl. Loyal, dropped out of school because she believes she hit the jackpot by being with Frank.


Lead actors in the film will be provided lodging during filming and $50/day. All other actors will work on a deferred contract due to the funds going to the quality of the film in pre, and post-production. Food will definitely be provided. You will get reputable credit on IMDB with your character name, a copy of the feature movie when complete, copies of photo stills from the website, as well as a ticket for you and a guest for the premiere.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this movie just attend the audition on March 12th. You do not need to email your information but please bring your professional headshot and resume to the audition.

Video Auditions:

The deadline for those that can’t make Saturday’s audition are due by March 8th. Please email video auditions to: info@alliancecasting.com

Video Auditions must show us your range with 2 monologues performed.

For modern monologues: Men can pull monologues from Jerry Macguire, American Gangster, Scent of a Woman, Air Force One, Gladiator. Women can pull monologues from When a Man Loves a Woman, Serendipity, Monster, Kill Bill, While You Were Sleeping, Collateral.

Call backs will be made but attending of course is the best way to go.

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  1. Sabrina Dungan says:

    Sounds great :) Do we bring two monologues to the audition as well?

  2. Robert Shannon says:

    Oh please let it be a cold reading!!!

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