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Coughing Dog Pictures Casting Calls

Writer/Director Joseph Parcell is filming his newest feature, Being From Another Planet this summer in Marine City, Michigan.

Auditions are being held for Main Cast of The Coughing Dog Pictures newest feature film “Being From Another Planet” to be filmed in and around Marine City, Michigan this July and August.

Official Casting Notice

Date: June 19-20
Time: 11am – 6pm
St. Marks
527 N. William St.
Marine City, MI

Roles available:

Martin: Male Caucasian, 15-20, High school kid. Heavy commitment, main role. Martin is a kid too smart for the world around him. Sometimes timid, sometimes acting out, he has shut himself out from the world around him after years of being picked on by his classmates. Sometimes impulsive, he finds himself in a situation a little over his head. A child star who quickly faded from the public eye, only to cram his way back into it.

Brian: Male 20-35, Brian is a loser until coming across something life-changing. Something epic. Something he needed to be a part of. But Brian is fidgety, and doesn’t like sitting still. And he doesn’t like being one of many, he’d much rather be one. He is motivated by bettering himself, not to be better personally, but to be better than you.

David: Male Caucasian, 40-55, Martin’s father. Bound and destined for glory his entire life. His entire existence lead to one moment, one larger than life, historical, gigantic moment. One moment that was taken from him. And now he sits alone, his destiny in shambles. Glory has passed him by, and all he has to show for it is a son he desperately wants to get to know, but has no idea how.

Kim: Female, 15-20 High School age. Kim is tenacious, that is how her very few friends would describe her. Born in Chicago, and moved to a new city or state every couple of years because of a father who keeps getting moved around for work, she’s landed in Marine City, at least for the time being. An only child, she’s learned how to make friends quickly, and more importantly, how to spot the ones worth befriending.

Alex: Male 25-40. Alex Cooper, Action Journalist (as he’d say) Tabloid Reporter (as everyone else would say). Alex was the first (and last) to cover Martin’s amazing story, and to make up a few details of his own along the way. He wants to be Fox Mulder from the X-Files, and is sure Martin is hiding something. As such, he’s easily duped when Martin plays along. Down deep though, he cares about Martin, both because Martin was his first big story, and because he’s kind of watched the boy grow up. What he has with Martin would never be called friendship, so much as exclusive co-existence. But he feels like they could be friends, if they ever bothered to try.

Kelly: Female 20-35. Kelly is one of the first people to follow Martin. She is also an outcast, from a broken home. Often caught in the middle of her parents arguments and played like a card against each other, she loves and hates them both. Loves them because they’re her parents, but hates them for treating their family with such disregard and ultimately not seeming to care that they broke it. She has learned quickly how to choose the winning side, despite loving them both. A skill she isn’t finished using.

Mike: Male 15-20 High School age. Captain of the hockey team, which he will be quick to tell you, won the state championship last year, and is bound to repeat this year. He’s MCHS’s big man on campus. As such, he has appearances to uphold, and responsibilities, like torturing the freak kids. And Martin has been on the top of that list for years. Mike isn’t as smart as Martin, but he can be exacting, and precise, and very caustic.


Sides are available for download at http://coughingdogpictures.com.


Auditions are available by appointment. Walk-in’s welcome, and will be seen on a first come-first served basis. Sides will be available to be downloaded or emailed prior to audition, as well as on location.

Send headshots, resumes, and requested appointment time, along with role being considered to:

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