Need 15-20 Background Actors at a Night Club (Detroit, MI)

Need to build your resume?

Consider being an extra in a Feature Film this Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Snacks and dinner after will be provided. We need people to be in a relaxed/chill club sitting at tables and walking to bathrooms, leaning and talking, coming and going, flirting and conversing, etc. After you submit a picture, we will determine if we could use you as

1. A club goer (we need all types, especially ethnic (black, mixed, etc. but a few Caucasion also)
2. waitress serving drinks
3. A kissing couple possibly?? (if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, bring them, this looks more natural and you’ll feel more comfortable conversing and flirting, etc.)
4. A girls table (it’s your nite with your girls) (call your girls to be in the movie with you)
5. A few bacheleors trying to pick up some ladies (fellas, call your boys)
6. A bar sitter (just a drinker at the bar enjoying the atmosphere)

More information about the location, director, etc. will be given after people are chosen… Please send a headshot or picture to resume if you have one, but not requirred. Thanks!!

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  1. Devon Marie says:

    25 yr. old female. 5’9″ 125lbs. Caucasion

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