Casting Call for Short Film “AYEESHA”

Casting Lead Male and Female Roles

Casting actors for lead roles in the short film, “Ayeesha”. This film will be shooting in Detroit and Royal Oak in early fall 2012 (Mid September).


Ayeesha converts to Islam shortly after being raped by an ex-lover. To complicate things she soon discovers that she is 2 months pregnant. Ayeesha faces many challenges and soon could find herself ostracized from the Muslim community, her new found faith, and the life she so desperately desires.

Available Roles:

  • AYEESHA “CHRISSY” WATSON: Ayeesha (Caucasian American) is a female and a Muslim convert in her early twenties. She is in her sophomore year at a local university seeking a degree in Political Science. Ayeesha’s character is one part social butterfly, and one part solitary dreamer. Ayeesha is the girl next door with a sprinkle of melancholy.
  • TASFIR Al’ KASSEEM: Tasfir (African American) is a lifelong Muslim who is 24 years of age. His trade is carpentry and he learned under the tutelage of his uncle who raised both he and his sister after the death of their parents. They were both educated at an Islamic private school and both now attend the local university. Tasfir is very dedicated to community service. The Tasfir character exhibits logical thinking and a cool, calm demeanor. He is one part know-it-all and one part obnoxious cynic.
  • JAMEELA Al’ KASSEEM: Jameela (African American) is Tasfirs’ younger sister who is in her early twenties. She can be an annoying little sister from time to time. She is part of the Muslim Student Association and does community service with her brother. She goes to the same college as her brother and takes a side course at a local cosmetology school. She works in the family business with both her brother and Uncle as the company’s sole secretary. Jameela is a sweet, supportive, and nurturing character. She is the religious and emotional support that Ayeesha desperately needs.
  • JEFFERY MAJORS: Jeffery (Caucasian American) is in his mid to upper twenties. He is the former boyfriend of the main character Ayeesha. He met Ayeesha while at a college frat party. While they were together he was very caring and receptive. During the latter part of their relationship, he becomes violent and emotionally abusive the more she embraces her newly found Islamic faith. His intolerance and skepticism culminates into the violent act that ends their relationship and has dire consequences that will affect Ayeesha in the near future.


These are non paying roles. Compensation will be film credit, food will provided, and demo reel will be provided.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied.

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