Auditions in Oakland County for “Apparitions”

Casting Call for 20 Minute Short Film

Casting actors for the short film, “Apparitions” (working title). This is a 20 minute short for the festival circuit. Shooting in Oakland, Wayne and/or Macomb counties weekends and possibly some nights, September 29th through October 2012. Auditions will be held in Oakland county.


Struggling with his second book after having written a best seller, Elliot escapes to a small, rural town in the middle of nowhere to focus his efforts. The town quickly reveals problems of its own in the form of quirky characters and a beautiful woman from a time long passed.

About the Director:

Director/Producer, Andy Blockno is an award-winning filmmaker. One of his latest films, “Overflow” won audience choice in the 2012 48-hour Go Green Film Competition. Another project, “Wool” won runner up best film in the 2011 Detroit 48-hour film project. “Wool” also screened at several film festivals including The Mitten Movie Project, Ferndale Film Festival at which it won Best Drama Short and the Made In Michigan Film Festival.

Available Roles: (role added)

  • Elliot: (30’s, Male, Small to medium build) The quintessential story of fame turning into a car wreck. Unable to keep his demons at bay, he has removed himself from anywhere he believes the demons could get him. This causes him to feel a certain level of invincibility as he lets the idea of Mary overtake him. Elliot’s primary defense mechanisms against the world are booze, pills, and sarcasm.
  • Mrs. Embry: (Mid 50’s to early 60’s, Female, She looks younger than her age and is quite in shape from spending a large portion of her time digging graves. Shorter height and wider bone structure — like an ox. Southern accent preferred, but not required) Mrs. Embry is the last in a long line of Embry’s who have lived at this house. Her chief job is to dig graves at the cemetery plot next door which her family has owned for generations, but her father decided the house would make a great bed and breakfast, so she inherited that business as well. She comes off immediately as no-nonsense, trustworthy, and caring. Mrs. Embry is also a representation of the world outside of Elliot’s microcosmic existence within his room.
  • Lloyd: (20’s to early 30’s, Male, Medium to heavy build, but not fat. Southern accent preferred, but not required) Lloyd is a good ‘ol boy who chiefly works as comic relief in the story. He is dim-witted and annoyingly talkative and doesn’t really understand high brow forms of humor like sarcasm, which makes his interactions with Elliot mix like oil and water in Elliot’s eyes. In a way, Elliot is jealous of Lloyd’s simplicity.
  • Mary: (20’s to early 30’s, Small to medium build, Beautiful) Mary represents two things — a long dead relation of Mrs. Embry’s & an idea. The idea is what Elliot falls in love with and ultimately surrenders to. The human being Mary, we only see in a few photographs in a photo album as well as a picture in a locket — because of this, she must be incredibly attractive and have people’s attention as soon as they look at her.
  • Elaine: (Late 20’s to 30’s, VO only) Elaine is Elliot’s younger sister. As a younger sibling of someone who had dissociative tendencies, she became a psychiatrist. It is intoned that she has provided care for Elliot in the past, though it is not something she is entirely comfortable with. She is a representation of the world that exists outside of this isolated town, giving her much in common with the audience.
  • Non-speaking male role (2): One short scene. Age: 60’s to 70’s.  Two small-town friends just passing time.


This is a no-budget film. Compensation will be in the form of exposure on IMDB and hopefully the film festival circuit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshots and resume to Andy at:

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