Auditions in Oakland County for “Dirty Old Town”

Casting Call for Short Film

Casting actors for the short film, “Dirty Old Town”. This is a short film for a large screening event in May and the festival circuit. Shooting in Oakland, Wayne and/or Macomb counties weekends and possibly some nights, through March 2013. Auditions will be held in Oakland county.


Murder strikes a Detroit, high-rise apartment building in this found footage murder mystery.

About the Director:

Director/Producer, Andy Blockno is an award-winning filmmaker. One of his latest films, “Overflow” won audience choice in the 2012 48-hour Go Green Film Competition. Another project, “Wool” won runner up best film in the 2011 Detroit 48-hour film project. “Wool” also screened at several film festivals including The Mitten Movie Project, Ferndale Film Festival at which it won Best Drama Short and the Made In Michigan Film Festival.

Available Roles:

  • Patrick: (Late 20s – Early 30s, Male) Someone who everyone wants to kill, but he walks around like he holds all the cards because, in his eyes, he does. This leads to him coming off as conceited, cocky, and a complete a$$hole.
  • Mr. Parks: (40s – 50s, Male) The building manager whose great care is for an ill daughter he is paying to have treated for cancer. This leads him to take up dealing drugs on the side in order to keep a steady cash flow for both his living expenses and his daughters therapy. Patrick finds this out/is a client of his and threatens to expose Mr. Parks instead of paying him the money he owes (which is a great deal.) Coming off as a meek man who is easily bullied, Mr. Parks uses this emotional handicap to his advantage. We even end up seeing, through his encounter with the Repair Man in the elevator, that Mr. Parks is quite calculating.
  • Charles Brady: (Mid to late 30s, Male) More or less, a good man – but he does have a temper under his facade of high society. He is also untrustworthy of anyone he can’t buy and that includes his wife. Though Edith leads us to believe there is the capacity for forgiveness in his heart, she is stunned to find out by the end that there is not.
  • Edith Baxter-Brady: (Late 20s – Early 30s, Female) Though she comes from money, all the capital she has now is courtesy of her husband, Charles. She is, however, still not frugal with it and feels she can get away with anything. Patrick, however, has brought that world crashing down with his blackmail of her. Edith now appears to be a shaken woman waiting for the other shoe to drop who possesses and underlying anger toward her antagonist. Above all else, she values the Baxter name because it is all that is left of her illustrious family.
  • Repair Man: (30s, Male) An aggressive ex con who is quick to anger, as evidenced by his encounter with Mr. Parks in the elevator. It is quite obvious he is angry with Patrick by the end of the scene. We get the impression that he is also uneducated, which I’ll make evident by the way he talks.
  • The Investigator – Mr. Rouge: (30s – 40s, Male) The most enigmatic of the characters and the one responsible for us seeing and hearing everything. Employed by Charles to find out about what Edith has been doing and who with, he is given “carte blanche” to deal with the problem. “I won’t harm a woman” is how he responds, showing valor and chivalry. When Charles asks if he’ll harm a man, however, the investigator leaves it hanging in the air.


This is a no-budget film. Compensation will be in the form of exposure on IMDB and hopefully the film festival circuit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshots and resume to Andy at:

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