Auditions for 16mm Short Film – “Assisted Living” (Grand Rapids, MI)

“Assisted Living”


Auditions are being held this Saturday (10/17) for award-winning writer/director Zac Page’s new short 16mm film “Assisted Living.” The story follows a day in the life of a young woman who is juggling her classes, personal life, & most of all her worklife at an assisted living center that is always full of interesting characters.


Becca (20-30s): A caregiver at the facility. Strong personality, tends to lead things and get people motivated. An articulate and also understanding person.
Slyvia (50+): Another patient. Her detachement comes out in bursts that take a negative turn with others.
William (50+): Sylvia’s husband. An old, but kind and endearing gentleman. Not a patient, still has a strong head on his shoulders.
Ben (20-30s): Another caregiver at the facility. Excellent at his job and proud of it.
Grandpa (60+): Christina’s grandpa. Quiet and rather withered from his age and sickness. Within the last month of his life.
John (50+): Another patient at the facility. Very detached from his own reality.
Ms. Zalinski (60+): Another patient at the facility. Very detached from her own reality, but also very likeable.

We’ll also need extras to play additional patients & caregivers! So if we end up not needing you for a main role, we’ll still most likely have a role for you.


November 20th – 22nd


Meals on set, credit & copy for final film, & great exposure with local and national festivals.


Devos Center (GVSU Campus)
University Club Room (107C)
401 West Fulton Grand Rapids, MI

This will be a cold read of the script. Please bring a headshot and resume if available. If you’re unable to make the time, you can send a photo/resume to us and we’ll keep you in mind for an alternative meeting time. If you have any questions contact me at:

Chris Kotcher
(Casting Director)

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