“As a Whole” Open Casting Call for Actors (Detroit, MI)

Open Casting Call June 30th

This Wednesday, June 30th, between 4-8pm, we will be holding an open call for actors. For character bios, sides, or any questions you may have please direct them to awhynotproduction@yahoo.com. You may also submit any reels, headshots, or resumes as well.

Casting Call Location:

The location of the call will be on the second floor of this building, in a suite:

David Adamany Undergraduate Library
5155 Gullen Mall
Detroit, MI 48202 , USA

To find out the number of the suite, contact (248)730-0861 the DAY of the audition. We will not know the suite number until we are there.


All actors will receive credit, copy, and food on set. This is an independent short film that we hope to submit to film festivals. Perfect for actors trying to build their resumes and reels and get exposure!

About the Film:

“As A Whole” follows Frank, a postal worker who has submitted to societal norms and routines, and is stuck in a state of self-pity after he is left alone when his long-time girlfriend is recently absent. When he meets a homeless woman, named Vicki, who challenges his way of thinking, Frank begins to change aspects of his lifestyle. Frank and Vicki end up establishing a friendship that allows him to re-connect with his love of photography, and develop a new approach to living.


Frances Delia: Mid 20s-mid 30s. He’s a young postal worker, who has recently given into a monotonous daily routine of going through the motions without enjoying life. He has a hard time letting go of things, and tends to be critical of himself, and others, tending to see things as being black or white, having no area of grey.

Vicki Menendez: Mid 20s- mid 30s. After being disowned by her family for being an atheist, Vicki is now homeless. She tends to be very contemplative, observing the human condition, and makes the best of her situation, choosing to focus on the potential in people. When Vicki meets Frank, she shares with him her outlook on life, finding in him the feeling of family she feels she’s missing, and someone she finds to be dependable and consistent.

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  1. joselyn drappeaux says:

    are there any roles for 13 year olds?

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