“Art Depreciation” Casting Call for Short Film

Cornerstone University Casting Call

Art Depreciation (tentative title)
“A man wreaks havoc on an art show while trying to impress a girl”

Cornerstone University Casting Calls

A casting call is being held at Cornerstone University for the short film, “Art Depreciation”. Shooting is cheduled for April 16th & if needed the 17th as well. Please come to the audition with availability.

Audition Details:

Monday March 28th at 6:30pm

Cornerstone University, FABER building 2nd Floor
1001 E Beltline Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Enter the University’s campus from the main entrance off the E. Beltline and the first building on the right is the Warren FABER building. Walk through the entrance past the Switchboard desk and the elevator is on the Right. We’re holding the auditions on the second floor.

Available Roles:

  • Jed: (23-28)An attractive young man who thinks he has it all together. However, is a bit under cultured and a bit oblivious at times. He dresses in jeans, a button up shirt, vest, Converse, and a fedora? He is not dumb, but he is definitely not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree either. He is driven by his desire to impress Rose. He is generally a very nice person, but he is also very clumsy and often finds himself in awkward situations. He also has a wide range of facial expressions. Has the ability to do comedy.
  • Patron 1: (early to mid 40s) She has a deep appreciation for good art. She is very elegant and has a certain air of pompousness around her.
  • Waiter: (20-25) A very formal put together kind of person. He appears to be friendly to those he is serving, but there is almost a slight feeling of contempt in him like he thinks he is better than everyone else. This comes out with his interactions with Jed.
  • Rose: (23-28) A really sweet, attractive, young woman. She is very artistic and expressive. She has red streaks in her hair that match her red dress. She is a very smiley and has a generally warm personality that just makes people like her.
  • Guard: (no older than 40) A very large man who comes off as very imposing at first. He is tall and well built, kind of a bouncer look to him. However we find out that he has no backbone whatsoever. He is no confrontational and is very soft spoken. He is pretty much a walking contradiction because as a large guard we expect him to be gruff but he is truly and pansy.
  • John Potts: (early to mid 40s) A rather chubby man who an equally large voice with extreme enthusiasm.
  • Hipster: (20-25) A middle aged man with an extremely scruffy and unkempt beard. He dresses in a leather jacket, solid color pants, TOMS/flip flops and a beanie.
  • Goth Girl: (16-21) A small younger woman. She is dressed in dark clothes and is wearing darker make-up. Her moods change very quickly from flirty to pissed. Her large voice makes up for her small stature.
  • Patron 2: A younger man who is very passionate about art as well. He is well dressed and pompous.
  • Old Man & Old Woman: Cute older couple who are always holding hands. The woman is a bit more outgoing than the man who simply smiles. They are no younger than 55 years old.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please attend the audition on March 28th. If you are unable to make it to the audition, please send inquiries, headshot, and experience to: cufilmproduction@gmail.com

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