“American Cheese” Extra Casting Call (Grand Rapids, MI)

Your chance to be in a movie!  Extras Needed for Tuesday Night 7-10pm

We’re looking for extras of all ages and sizes to come out this-coming Tuesday (3/2) from 7-10pm. It’ll be a fun easy shoot and the final film will be shown all around Grand Rapids and submitted to festivals across the country.


“American Cheese”
(A new independent film from award-winning writer/director Zac Page)


A lonely old man makes a radical discovery that could heal millions from disease, but his pursuit of this discovery leads him to madness.


Richard Johnson has been preoccupied with conspiracy theories all his life. He has isolated himself from the world and has become a very cynical old man. In all of his years of theorizing and searching for some fantastic discovery, he has been lonely and unsuccessful…until one fateful day. An article in a local tabloid tells of a farm that breeds “holy cows” that have miracle making milk. This is the very report he’s been waiting for! Searching through his vast knowledge of world history he makes a connection between an ancient Egyptian cow goddess and the miraculous milk at the farm. This is just the beginning to his spectacular adventure.


-dated clothes that have recently gone out of style
-no bright colors or slogans
-tacky accessories (fanny packs, rubber bracelets, etc) welcome and encouraged, but don’t go over the top
-no high-end, formal, or expensive looking clothing

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  1. Trevor Earley says:

    Hello my name is Trevor Earley and i would like to come down to Grand Rapids to be an extra in your film. What is the address?

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