“American Caravan” Casting Call for Reality TV Show (Royal Oak, MI)

Documentary-Reality Series Casting

"American Caravan" Casting Call

Casting about 20 actors who are interested in being cast on American Caravan, a documentary-reality series about a group of four or five young Americans traveling across the Middle East. This is an opportunity to have the cultural journey of a lifetime.

About the Show:

A diverse group of Americans will travel across the Middle East with an Arab/American film crew. There is not a single day that goes by without news from the Middle East, and Americans primarily form their views of the Middle East through what they see on the news, which is filled with stories of suicide bombers, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the suppression of women’s rights. American Caravan will enrich that perspective by providing a deeper look at Arab youth, culture and customs, as seen through the eyes of young Americans.

American Caravan is the sibling of the successful On the Road in America series, and will be led by the same creative team. The show will promote cultural understanding and build partnerships with the Muslim world; it will also be an exotic travelogue through some of the most beautiful and enigmatic regions in the Middle East.


These are not paid roles, but all costs/expenses of this trip will be paid for by the show.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this casting please email your resume to: casting@visionairemedia.com

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2 Responses to ““American Caravan” Casting Call for Reality TV Show (Royal Oak, MI)”

  1. Anna says:

    Do the actors actually travel to the Middle East? If so, is that why there is no pay? What about the families of underage actors?

  2. Nida says:

    If you are a mixed arab, but has never been over seas but wants to experience the culture and life there, will you be eligible to be on the show?

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