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Casting Call for Feature Film

WhiteShore Films

WhiteShore Films is casting additional character roles for their upcoming feature film, “Affinity”. This film is going to be a great achievement. It is a steampunk romance film, full of morals and chivalry, faith and forgiveness. We want to try to restore Christian values in our country, but only if it can be done through good story. A good story with believable, relatable characters. We are trying to raise money through Kickstarter for this film. If we raise the money needed by the end of May, then we will go full bore to be ready to shoot in July. All the filming will be done in West Michigan. We are looking for the best actors for the roles, and the best crew members to be behind this project. The number one thing we are looking for is a passion for everything we have explained about the project so far. We are extremely excited about this film, and we hope you are too.

Shoot Dates & Location:

Block #1: July 1-6
Block #2: July 15-20
Block #3: July 29-Aug 3
Block #4: August 12-17

West Michigan, near Manistee/Whitehall/Ludington/Shelby

NOTE: This does not mean every actor will be here every day. We are going to schedule the shoot to be as convenient as possible for everyone.


Matthew and Desmond are the most brilliant inventors of the 19th Century, making them priority targets for Napoleon Bonaparte, who hopes to capture them and force them to make great inventions in order for him to win the Napoleonic War. When Andre and three of his men, agents of Napoleon, come to abduct Matthew and Desmond, they destroy their inventions, including a time machine that they never got to work. As the bomb goes off to obliterate them, it creates a wormhole with the help of the time machine, and Matthew and Desmond are sucked through and into modern day.

We jump to a year later, where we find Matthew and Desmond, living separately. After the life-changing incident involving the time machine, they are no longer on speaking terms. They are both mentally disturbed, and very depressed. Desmond struggles even more so than Matthew, having been torn apart from his dear love, Sarah. Now, he spends much of his time in bars and fist fighting. Both of them are in the care of James, a councilor who has given them places to stay and has tried to help them.

We meet Ellie, a rather odd girl, and her sister, Candice. They were in the woods, taking a pleasant walk, picking leeks, when they suddenly got lost. They wandered until they stumbled on Matthew’s little home, out in the middle of the countryside. He helps them find their way back to the city, but not before having tea-time with them, where the two curious sisters discovers he is a brilliant inventor.

The next day, Ellie finds out she left her phone back at Matthew’s. After work, she returns to Matthew’s place and retrieves her phone. Matthew offers to walk her back, to which she agrees. As they walk back, Matthew and Ellie grow in their attraction to each other, even if they try to withstand it. Ellie asks Matthew if he would like to come to her church dance, and Matthew promises he will come.

When Matthew returns to his house, he finds James there. He warns Matthew that Andre and his men are looking for him and Desmond. Matthew realizes they must have been drawn through the portal when he and Desmond were. Knowing Desmond is in trouble, Matthew goes out to find his old friend and bring him back to his place. He finds Desmond on the streets, and there are not too many kind words between them. They both know they want to return to their old life, so they agree to work together to build a time machine to return home, despite the bitterness between them.

Matthew and Desmond, with the help of James, begin to build the time machine. He leaves in the middle of it, to try to get to Ellie’s dance, but he was pursued by Andre and his men, stopping him from reaching the dance. Feeling quite shattered, Ellie ends up dancing with a rather ridiculous and immature man, instead of intriguing Matthew.

The two inventors work hard on their invention, but Matthew’s thoughts return constantly to Ellie. He finds out about another dance at the church, and this time he is determined to go, no matter what, much to the anger of Desmond. Matthew goes to the dance, and finds Ellie there. After apologizing for not coming to the previous one, the two dance every dance together. As they dance, Matthew, in order to satisfy Ellie’s burning curiosity, tells her about the time machine, and his and Desmond’s determination to return home. Ellie asks if she may see the time machine.

After she sees the time machine, Matthew walks her home. On the way home, Ellie tells Matthew that she doesn’t want him to go.

Matthew returns to continue working on the invention with Desmond, and tells his friend that he is not going to go back to the 1800s. Desmond asks Matthew to help him finish it so that he may return home to Sarah. Matthew agrees.

The next day, Matthew tells Ellie that he is not going to go back.

Ellie and him end up courting, and Matthew continues to help Desmond build the time machine. Desmond himself repents of his bitterness and renews his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

One day, Andre, Napoleon’s agent, discovers that Ellie know where Matthew and Desmond are. He and his men capture her, and have her take them to Matthew and Desmond. There is a fight, in which Matthew almost dies. But he and Desmond manage to stop the Frenchmen, tie them up, and keep each other and Ellie safe.

Matthew and Desmond put their final touches to the time machine, then Desmond gives his final farewell to his friends. He returns back to the 1800s, and Matthew and Ellie continue to grow their relationship.

Available Roles:

  • JAMES: 38 years old, African-American, glasses, and a little overweight. He is a psychiatrist, and fatefully he runs into Matthew and Desmond. He might’ve once failed to help someone with their psychological problem, so when Matt and Des come along, he feels like this is his chance to redeem himself. He helps them a LOT, giving them places to stay, buying them food and clothing, and other stuff they need. Sometimes, he can be a little over-the-top with the psychological stuff sometimes, but for the most part, he’s very brave. He’s married, and has kids.
  • CANDICE: 24 years old, light brown hair, average build. She’s Ellie’s older sister. She feels somewhat responsible for Ellie, especially since their father isn’t really that great at being a father. She’s quite protective. She isn’t quite as odd as Ellie. In fact, she’s definitely very different in this way. She doesn’t think “outside of the box” so much.
  • BILL: 18 years old, skinny, glasses, looks very nerdy. He wants to become a writer. He is laughed at and picked on a lot in school. He wants respect for who he wants to be. When he discovers Matthew and Desmond, he just knows there’s a story involved with these two men. He’s determined to figure it out.
  • ANDRE: 30 years old, tall, lithe, and clean-shaven. Even though he is very roguish and brutal, he still dresses very nicely. He’s a violent man with a sophisticated look. There is a very cold look in his eyes. He’s extremely dedicated to Bonaparte, but more than this, he shares in Napoleon’s vision of what Matthew and Desmond could build for them: destructive war machines and advanced weapons and contraptions to cast the rest of the world in ruin and establish France as the world’s super-empire.
  • SARAH: Desmond’s love. She is struck with grief when Desmond, she thinks, is destroyed in an explosion. She is in the movie for one scene only, but is talked about a lot in the film.
  • FRENCH MAN #1: An agent of Andre. Sword-fighting skills preferred.
  • FRENCH MAN #2: Another brutal agent of Andre. Sword-fighting skills preferred.


Food/Gas/Lodging is all taken care of, and will be stated in our contracts. We also offer another compensation, which we will explain once we are contacted for the roles. Feel free to ask about this other compensation.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to: wsfcall@gmail.com

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