“Adventures Jack Uzi” Casting Call for Webisode (Metro Detroit)

NON-UNION Web Series Casting

Audition: In-person before Jan 20 2011
Callback Dates: Feb 2011
Shoot: Principal – March 2011
Location: Metro Detroit and its northern townships

13 minutes per episode – 2011 slate is 8 episodes of planned 24 episode run.

Available Roles:

  • [ BRONX ] A mechanic. M50-60 Stocky, clean overalls, cigar-chomping, stubble, deep eyes can hide secrets, whispy hair.
  • [ JACK ] an ex-Spy turned banker turned unemployed banker. At least 40, Male, medium build and can slouch.
  • [ MARLENE ] Assistant Principal. 40-44, female, any ethnicity. Build must suggest she was unthinkably attractive most of her life.
  • [ CHRISTY ] Jack’s daughter. 15-17. Not quite mature enough to argue persuasively with her dad, Quirky but somewhat attractive. Envied but not perfect.
  • [ DUBOV ] A Russian entrepreneur. M40-50, Thick Russian-English, voice that commands respect even when whispering. Well-seasoned and stocky build, can have a little overhang.
  • [ OLIVER ] A foreign Agent. M20-30 Any ethnicity, avoid extreme stereotype. A schlemiel. Not confident, nervous eyes.
  • [ STAN ] a foreign Agent. M40-45, A physical match with Dubov, but any ethnicity – maybe a little added pomposity – not as genuine. Can be more heavyset.
  • [ ARDUINO ] A geek. M18-27 Convincingly clever, tall, thin and shy but otherwise not obviously the smartest person in the class photo.
  • [ CARMEN ] A Goth Chick. F24, Anglo/Latina. Not completely vampiric but dresses like a salsa grave dancer.
  • [ LELAND ] A lawyer. M24-ish, thinning hair, well-dressed and physically fit.
  • [ ALLEN ] A security guard. M-35 Overweight, swarthy and overconfident. Best weapon is his walkie talkie. Moustache and stubble type.
  • [ OMAR ] A Strip club owner. M40 Greek look, mature charm, could be Marlene’s husband at first glance. Same fashion sense.
  • [ JUAN PUPADEI ] M-27 Scrawny fanboy. A wannabe.
  • [ SPECIAL AGENTS ARMSTRONG AND CUSTER ] Federal Bureau of Investigation M25 top physical condition, chiseled and serious faces, absolutely intimidating in sunglasses. Clean cut, short hair and tailored suits. Sparkling teeth. Attractive even when scowling.
  • [ EMPYRE MEMBERS ] Youth Revolt group – M17-32 Long hair (Viggo, not Fabio), tattoos, good glower.
  • [ FACULTY ] The Covert Academy – MF All ethnicities, over 30, well dressed for office/school environment.
  • [ STUDENT BODY ] The Covert Academy – MF 18-24 All Ethnicities, modern dress,
  • [ HEADQUARTERS] Headquarters – The Domestic Surveillance Operations agency. Male, 50 African-American, intense eyes and bright light behind them. Network quality English which slips into Samuel L Jackson only occasionally.
  • [ PHANTOM AND CALABASH ] Master Spies.


Paid roles pending pickup of the series.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please send your headshots and resume to: rzm@att.net

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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  1. Walter Lee says:

    hey this is Walter Iam interested in this project please respond by calling me at 586 468 4726 and 586 464 7894 email me at walterlee01@hotmail.com

  2. Joe Mumper says:

    Hi this is Joe Mumper, I am interested in a couple of characters. OLIVER, ARDUINO, LELAND, or JUAN PUPADEI. you can email me at joemumper@ymail.com, thanks ill be waiting

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