Casting 2 Actresses for the Television Show “Aliah” (Detroit, MI)

“Aliah” TV Show Casting

"Aliah" TV Show Casting

Casting two actresses for the Detroit television pilot “Aliah”.


Today we are living in a country where innovative and artistic ideas are changing the way we view the American society. This leaves us with the television show “ALIAH”. Aliah (an African American Muslim) who is engaged to be married; however, her emotions developed for a fellow classmate Vince Clemens (a Christian man). What started off as an innocent study session; the two main characters find themselves in a taboo relationship which both side of the religion refuse to recognize their love as a legitimate union. Many genres have touched based on how powerful love and romance can effects the lives of two people and their community.

Available Roles:

  • Qalima Hamed: Qalima is Aliah’s mother. She is between the ages of 40 to 55. She is conservative with her Islamic faith. She has been married for 20 years and still going strong and dedicated to her family. She has warm and caring personality. She currently leads a female Quranic study group at her local Mosque.
  • Nadira: She is an African American Muslim between the ages of 21 and 32. She is a optimistic, positive woman, with loving and playful spirit. She is recently engaged.


These are not paid roles. You will receive a copy of each episode for your demo reel.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your head shots and resume to:

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  1. Sarah johnson says:

    I was wondering if you are still looking to cast for this show. If so I am still interested and will email my information.

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