“Monsters of Carnage” Casting Two Actresses

Motor City Nightmares Casting Call

Monsters Of Carnage

Here at Motor City Nightmares, we are hard at work creating a new series of violent, sexy, and gore filled creature features cheerfully dubbed “The Carnage Series”! Once again, writer/director/mother of four Thomasita Brunswick and the creative team behind the monsters, madness, and mayhem of Mr. Jingles, Born of Earth, Biker Zombies, Little Red Devil, They must Eat!, and Evil Offspring are kicking off the Carnage Series with a gigantic blood soaked tale of revenge and terror called “MONSTERS OF CARNAGE”! Filming starts June 2012 in Metro Detroit.


20 years ago, on a routine hunting trip, Jake Dallas and two friends were savagely attacked by a ferocious creature living in the northern woods. Battered and torn and left for dead, Jake was the sole survivor. After his recovery, Jake has spent every waking moment hunting the elusive monster that scarred him for life. Now a team of Cryptozoologists on a weekend trip, find themselves teaming up with a trio of treasure hunters in the northern woods. After a bizarre run in with Jake, the group soon realizes they are being hunted by the enormous creature that stalks these dark woods. One by one they are viciously murdered by the creature. Now Jake must face his final destiny! Can he save those who remain and finally destroy the beast that haunts his very soul?

Available Roles:

  • Actress: Female, ages 18-24
  • Actress: Female, ages 30-35


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume and headshot to: carnageseries@gmail.com

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