Actors, Extras and Stunt Doubles Needed for Indie Film (Ann Arbor, MI)

Open Auditions for Short Film

Auditions for a short film will take place at the Duderstadt Center on North Campus, 2281 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2094. Auditions will be held on May 2, 2010 (Sunday) between 3-9pm in 1180 Teleconference Suite (first floor).

Dialogue sides will be available for the actors to practice with before their audition. This film, about a young juvenile looking to prove himself to others, will have anime influences, martial arts scenes, and we will need MANY male extras. This project is unpaid as of now but we are looking to submit to film festivals once the project is complete.

Shooting will take place in the beginning of June, 2010, dates are yet to be decided. All shooting will be done in Ann Arbor.

Roles Needed:

Ana-Brown hair, attractive. Female, 21-40 years, 5’0-5’8, Caucasian.

Raiden-No dialogue. A menacing man. Male, 28-38 years, 5’10-6’4, Asian or Caucasian, athletic/muscular.

Bell-Short hair. Male, 33-54 years, 5’0-5’10, Caucasian.

Razor-Lead role, youthful looking, dressed in black from head to toe, barely noticeable mole on the left side of his face just above his lip. Male, 18-25 years, 5’0-5’8, Asian, Caucasian, athletic/slightly muscular.

Hawk-All-American guy, tall and naive with young boyish good looks. Male, 21-37 years, 5’10-6’5, Caucasian, average build.

Kiev-Possible Russian/European accent, short and hefty. Male, 40-55 years, 5’0-5’7, Caucasian/European.

Gang Leader-Theater actor, comedic, intense expression edged across his face. Male, 18-25 years, 5’0-5’8, Asian, average build.

Maids-Relatively attractive females, no dialogue. Female, 18-28 years, 5’0-5’8, Caucasian/European, average build/toned. Need 4 maids.

Gang Extras-All male, all types of guys, young adults, rowdy. Male, 18-35 years, 5’0-6’10.

Swagger-Muscular build. Male, 20-29 years, 6’0-6’8, African/African-American, muscular build.

Stunt doubles needed for:

Kiev, Swagger, Razor, & Gang Leader. Stunt doubles should be similar height, build, and race.

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3 Responses to “Actors, Extras and Stunt Doubles Needed for Indie Film (Ann Arbor, MI)”

  1. Rocco Guirlanda says:

    I am a 50 year old Caucasian. I would like to audition for Kiev and Bell. However, I’m 5’10. Will this automatically exclude me from Kiev? As far as Bell goes, I could cut my hair if I get the part. Will you be doing auditions on any other day. I’ll be at work Sunday unless I can get the time off. Thanks.

  2. Darrin Williams says:

    my name is Darrin Williams and I would like to try out for Razor. Im a 6’4 white male with a really small mole right above his lip and I have been doing Wushu for five years now. I would like to send you my resume and head shot What would the email be?

  3. Donald Cespedes says:

    My name is Donald Cespedes and i am a 23 year old, African American male of Jamaican descent. I am 6’1 with an athletic build and dreadlocks. I would like to audition for the role of “Swagger” if it is still available. I am currently a student at Eastern Michigan University and live in the Ann Arbor area. Please email at your earliest convenience and let me know if i may still audition. My email is Thanks!

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