Actors Needed Independent Film Auditions in May (Lansing, MI)

Click BANG! Productions Casting Call

Click BANG! Productions is shooting a feature length film in the Lansing area through out the month of July. We have a character heavy script with multiple roles for adults of all ages, but predominately men ages 20-60. This film is a dark comedic take on the sports film genre, but with odes to character pieces in the vain of Death of a Salesman and Fight Club. This is the story of a man looking for his dreams through the eyes of strangers. A tale of redemption and resurgence told with a dark sensibility in light hearted fashion.

This is the second feature length project from Click BANG! Productions. We believe filmmaking is a collaborative effort that only finds its true voice when the opinions of those involved are heard and respected. We make films that we would want to watch. Filmmaking is our passion and that is the exuberant mentality that we bring to the set each day!

Auditions will be held May 15th & May 22nd at the Foster Community Center.  We recommend individuals unable to make these date contact us ahead of time to set up other arrangements regarding auditioning.


Tom Slovinski (casting director)

Jerry Spears (director)

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4 Responses to “Actors Needed Independent Film Auditions in May (Lansing, MI)”

  1. Johnny Liu says:

    I am interested in auditioning for this movie, May 24 is the best date for me. I’m forwarding this info to my acting friends as well. Thanks for the post.

  2. Martin Olaya says:

    I live in Philly now, but can re-locate to Lansing, Michigan. . .(I have friends down there.)



  3. Cameron says:

    I Would Love The Chance To Work In Your Movie.
    I Live in Lansing, Michigan. And I Dont Live Far From Where The Auditions Are Being Held.
    I Have Been Waiting For A Chance Like This, And I’ve Never Been More Ready Then I Am Now.

  4. Colt says:

    This looks like a great chance to be a part of a great production, as well as a chance to get my foot in the door!
    I’d love to the job!


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