Non Professional Actor for Local TV Commercial (Farmington Hills, MI)

Farmington Hills Casting Call

Local Media Company looking for individuals who have an interesting and positive Detroit car company story to tell. You and your story could be featured as part of a 30 second local TV commercial. You must have a rich family “history” of working for and/or driving Detroit’s “Big Three” vehicles; Ford, Chrysler and/or GM.

Stories must be Michigan based, compelling and most importantly, positive and heartfelt. To be considered, you must submit your name, phone number and story, keeping your initial response to less than 500 words. All stories must be submitted no later than Sunday October 18th. If you have photos that support your story, feel free to submit them as well.

Finalists will be called by our production team Monday, October 19th between noon and 1:00PM. Initial phone interviews will last approximately 5-10 minutes. If you are not available at that time to be interviewed over the phone, please indicate that in your response. An alternative time later that day in the evening may be chosen by our production team for additional phone interviews. If you and your story make it past this phase of the interview process, a 2nd interview will be in person (Farmington Hills) the following week. Those chosen to appear in the TV commercial will be paid a fee of $100.00.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!


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