“A Father’s Pain” Dramatic TV Series Casting Call

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We are recasting for a major role, “MaKayla Brooks” for the dramatic TV series, “A Father’s Pain”.  Filming is schedule for Summer 2012.

Casting Call Details:

Sunday, April 22th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Sunday, April 29th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm (only if we don’t Cast for this Role on the 22th)

University of Detroit Mercy Student Center (Ballroom Upstairs)
4001 W. McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221


A Fathers Pain (TV Series) is a heart wrenching drama about A Fathers constant struggles while raising his two daughters after his wife committed suicide. The youngest daughter deals with images of her mom and trying to know more about who she was. The oldest daughter deals with the pressure of high school and taking on a set of new emotions she is blind to, while becoming a woman. The father deals with all these issues and fights the world while trying to protect his young girls from the reality of life, but finds his self in a deeper downward spiral and questioning his ability to be a father. The dark drama is moved slightly away with a significant portion of comedic relief.

Available Role:

  • MaKayla Brooks: (African American Female, Ages 6-12) Second child of Charles and Ashley’s baby sister, eight years old. Makayla is as innocent, loving, and adventurous as the next kid. Makayla takes ballet and the only thing she loves more than that is her father Charles. She treats her father Charles like a best friend sharing everything and keeping nothing from him, occasionally ratting out Ashley. She speaks her mind and asks the tons of questions that fill it. With a nag for spying and eavesdropping on others conversations (Mainly her older sister Ashley) Makayla proves to be a highly curious kid. Makayla’s curiosity often puts her in humorous scenarios. Mostly misinterpreting or misunderstanding what someone said, and attempting to quote them. Lately Makayla’s curiosity has taken a new direction, her late mother Theresa who died while she was just a baby. Everyday her mind wonders and yearns to know who her mother was and what was she like.


This is a Non Paid Role.

How to Apply:

If you interested in applying please submit your head shot & resume to Jermaine Golden at: jgoldenproduction.com

NOTE: This is an Open Casting Call, so if you don’t have a head shot or resume, you are welcome to still come to audition for the role. If you have any other questions about this project or role feel free to contact Jermaine via email.

Promo Video/Teaser:


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  1. Nathan Houser says:

    Look if you looking for any African American male very handsome, 45, give me a holler!!!

  2. Lettice Crawford says:


    I would like to send a resume and head shot regarding this production, however the email address listed may be incomplete. An email message indicates that it is undeliverable to
    jgoldenproduction.com. Thank you.

  3. Tiara smith says:

    let me know if you looking for actress 22. follow me on twitter @Mrsteebaby

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