“30 Minutes or Less” Extra Casting Call, Real Style (Grand Rapids, MI)

Get Cast as an Extra in a Ben Stiller Film!

Ben Stiller and his production company, Red Hour Films are getting close to shooting their next feature film, “30 Minutes or Less”. The film will be directed by Ruben Fleischer and will star Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari. Filming will run through October and the film’s budget is the largest of any produced in West Michigan.

The film begins shooting in July, 2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a release date set for August 12, 2011.

How to Apply for an Extra

Real Style is looking for extras in Grand Rapids Michigan for the feature film “30 Minutes or Less.”

Casting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, on Saturday, June 26, 2010 from 11:00-5:00.
The Crowne Plaza Hotel is located at 5700 E. 28th St.

There is no fee for this casting call, but actors can pay a one-time fee of $15 to be entered as a member in their database.


For more information visit: realstyleonline.com.

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19 Responses to ““30 Minutes or Less” Extra Casting Call, Real Style (Grand Rapids, MI)”

  1. Gabriela says:

    Do you need latinas?

  2. Shari says:

    Do you need children/teens?

  3. Dorthy Mitchell says:

    I own a Modeling agency and would like to know if you are in need of unique talent ..

  4. Jacob Mcneely says:

    I would like to start acting and need a start

  5. Andrew W. Cuschieri says:

    I would be very interested in helping you make this movie.. I’m a 21 year old male with dark brown eyes and am mixed raced..I am a young talented actor/mocap actor, a theatre major at Henry Ford CC and a very hard working civilian who’s takes work very seriously that wants to make a name for himself in the entertainment business and will do whatever it takes to get the job done perfect and as quickly as possible..Even if that means working for free!!

  6. William Brown JR. says:


    I’m interested in working on this film and would like information on how to audition.

  7. Andrew Melendez says:

    Hello, i want what everyone elses is trying to get and thats a shot at being in this movie hopefully we all get a chance. I wouldn’t mind working for free. just ask for a photo or info and i will be happy to give.

  8. Sydney Whitson says:

    Yes. Do you need teens from the ages of 10- 16?
    because i know some very skilled actresses that are very interested.
    e-mail me, please!!

  9. Tricia Aguirre says:

    Hi.My name is Tricia Aguirre and I’m a 22 yr. old actress from New Albany, Indiana.I would love to be apart of this film.I would go wonderfully on my resume. =)

  10. angel says:

    so can we just show up or is there more to in then just that?

  11. Beth Lee says:

    Ben Stiller is the bomb. I live in Ohio, but would love to be considered. I will try to make the call.

  12. Sorina Petruc says:

    My name is Sorina Petruc. I have some experience when it comes to auditions and I was VERY happy to hear that finally something exciting is going to happen in Grand Rapids. I am turning 18 and very ready to experience something new. I will be at the auditions this saturday and I hope that you guys will like me enough to cast me as an extra in this movie! I hope to hear from you guys if not I hope to see you saturday!
    Thank You For taking your time and reading this.
    Sorina Petruc

  13. Mary Jo says:

    Hi, I have never been to a casting call before, what do I need to know? Love Ben’s work this will be a hoot!

  14. Jonathan Cherup says:


  15. Steve says:

    Is there still any need for a 22 year old male extra who lives in Grand Rapids?

  16. tom says:

    hi, I responded to your email about being available the week of Aug 16th. When will we know if we are booked for that week. thanks

  17. Ileana says:

    hey so do we actually gotta pay a fee for registration??

  18. admin says:


    Yes. Real Style Online does charge a fee to register.

  19. Sophie Rose Saidmehr says:

    Will teens be allowed from ages 12-16?

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