“People Who Hurt” 2nd Casting Call at Fairfield Marriott

Casting Lead Roles, Supporting and Extras

A second casting call is being held for the independent student film “People Who Hurt” on July 24th at the Fairfield Marriott in Fenton, MI. Filming will begin tentatively the second week of August 2012.

Casting Call Details:

Tuesday, July 24th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Fairfield Marriott
3125 West Silver Lake Road
Fenton, MI, 48430


The film “People Who Hurt” is about Clara, a depressed teenage girl who is yearning to belong and find someone on her level, and when she meets her dad’s friend from high school, she starts a love affair with him, but he turns out to not be who she thinks he is…

Available Roles:

Lead Roles:

  • Clara Irish: MUST BE 18 OR OLDER AND LOOK 15-16, MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH LOVE SCENES (NO NUDITY). Brown bobbed hair, average height and weight, brown eyes. Misunderstood, depressed, dark. Mature beyond her years and trying to find someone with whom she can make a connection with, over high school and ready for life.
  • Michael Irish: Age 30’s-40’s (Going to need a young version of him too, about 10 or 11 for flashback scene with his wife Dana.) Red balding hair, average height and weight. Tortured by his past. Has a bad relationship with his wife but is a good father to his kids and a good brother.
  • Skylar Meyers: Age 30’s-40’s, MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH LOVE SCENES (NO NUDITY). Striking blue eyes, blond hair, 6’0-6’4, skinny/thin. Can be played 1 of 2 ways: childlike and innocent or predatory and taking advantage of Clara. All depends on the actor’s interpretation. Skylar is complex and misunderstood just like Clara, which is why they understand one another.
  • Angela Irish: Age 6-8, WILL HAVE TO WITNESS A LOVE SCENE. Blond hair, brown eyes, average height and weight. A spunky, energetic little girl who throughout the screenplay, changes drastically from a little girl, to a preteen.
  • Robby Irish: Late 20’s, early 30’s (Going to need a young version of him too, 7-8 for flashback scene with his wife Dana.) Brown hair, blue eyes, short and thin. Has a bad relationship with his father and is prone to sarcastic and rude remarks, especially to his niece Clara. He doesn’t understand his niece and why she acts so dark and depressed.
  • Jean Irish: Age 30’s-40’s. Few wrinkles, black hair, blue eyes, 5’6-5’8, thin. Strong woman, loud, assertive.
  • Cindy Irish: Age 16-18. Freckles, blond hair, green eyes, 5’6-5’8, athletic build. Quiet, average teenage girl, mature.
  • Emerald: Age 15-16. Blond wavy hair, big nose. Clara’s best friend, mature, understands Clara and is going through the same things for the most part, wants out of high school.
  • Jimmy: Age 13-15. Brown hair and brown eyes, slightly overweight, not particularly good looking. Is madly in love with Clara but she is annoyed by his constant pining over her. She wants someone attractive and less needy than Jimmy. He’s a glutton for punishment from her.
  • Janine: Age 17-18. Taller than Clara. Rude older girl who bullies Clara on a daily basis.

Other Roles:

  • Boy: Age 14-15. Obnoxious, immature, chauvinist.
  • Boy 2: Age 17-18. Spits on Clara on the bus, a bully.
  • Bus Driver: 30-60. Bus driver, trying to keep charge, underlying “I hate my job” complex
  • Counselor: 30-40. Confronts Clara about being “molested” after a student confides in her. Very concerned
    for Clara and professional.
  • Dana Irish: Early 30’s, red hair, blue eyes, average height, slim. 1970′S housewife. Homemaker, loves her kids, in an abusive relationship with a drunk John Irish but won’t leave him for the kids sake.
  • Doctor: Any age. Works in the hospital
  • Hope: Age 30’s-40’s, blond hair, brown eyes, 5’7-6’0, slim. Friend of the family, family member, any
  • John Irish: Age 65-70, brown hair, blue eyes, 6’0-6’3. (Going to need a young version of him too, early 30’s for flashback scene with his wife Dana.) Alcoholic father of Michael and Robby, terminally ill and regretful of his life.
  • Neighbor: Female, age 30-40. Hands out fliers regarding the sex offender that has moved into the neighborhood.
  • Receptionist: Any age. Works at the front desk at the hospital.
  • Extras: All ages but mostly high school aged kids from 13-18


This is an independent student film so there will be no compensation, but it will be great exposure as the film will be submitted to many film festivals, national and local, and we will also try to have a screening somewhere in the area. Meals will be provided on set, credit, and a copy of the film.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in the audition or would like more information, please email your headshots, resume and demo reels to: kmaylum@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include the character you are interested in playing in the subject line of your email.

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  1. Elizabeth Marcu says:

    Never been in a movie, would love to try this new experience! Wanting the role of Janine…. Height: 5’5″ Weight: 135 Attitude: Jock-like (4 year varsity soccer player, can bring own jersey for any school scenes) Able to play the role of an abuser/bully.

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