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25 Once Productions are looking for dedicated rising actors to be apart of our webseries! The webseries is about four girlfriends in their mid 20’s trying to figure out their love lives, career and friendships. The series will be shot in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area on Sundays. ACTORS MUST BE AVAILABLE TO SHOOT MOST SUNDAYS!

Available Roles:

  • Braelin Dent: (Male, African American/Mixed/Hispanic, Over 5’5) Syn’s best friend and business partner (party promoter). They previously explored being more than friends but decided against a relationship. The feelings are still there and there is tons of chemistry. He smart, confident and very business oriented. He’s always about his business but he also knows how to have a good time. He’s laid back and charming and he’s a player. He knows that Syn is his future and he’s just bidding time until she’s ready for a relationship. Confident, but not overly cocky, smart, street smart, fun, child at heart, ready to settle down. Says what he means and means what he says, laid back, business oriented, focused, gets along well with other, meticulous in his style of dress, real, upfront.
  • Kenyon “KDub” Washington: (Male, Attractive African American/ Hispanic/ Mixed, preferably tall and well built) He’s Brynn’s steady boyfriend who works as a popular host on the local radio station. He’s very popular in the city and is good friends with Braelin. He tries to make sure Brynn knows that he’s faithful but he constantly has groupies that Brynn often gets on his case about. He’s always tempted by the groupies who make it easy to cheat but he tries his hardest to be faithful. Type A personality, outgoing, fun, aggressive, and daring (he’ll try anything once) He’s spontaneous and money hungry, he’s always down for a new hustle. He’s loves Brynn completely and tries not to intentionally hurt her. He wants to move to TV which would cause him to move out of state and that affects his relationship with Brynn. He’s a happy person and it takes a lot to get him upset, but when he reaches that point he’s hard to calm down.
  • Taj Monroe: (Female, Attractive, no height/weight requirement African American/Hispanic/mixed race) She’s hopped around different colleges for years, changing her major, personality and style based on the man she’s presently dating. She doesn’t see the point in getting a degree, figuring her time in school will eventually land her a man, which is all she thinks she needs in order to have a good life. She’s confident on the outside but Insecure deep down, loud, funny, slightly dense, quirky, generous, na├»ve, easily bored and distracted, friendly, accepting, loyal, people-pleaser, her fashion changes episode to episode until she starts to find herself.
  • Syn Moore: (Female, age 23, Attractive, no height/weight requirement African American/Hispanic/mixed race) She’s a party promoter who’s been doing it since she was 18. She loves her job but she knows that she can’t do it forever so she dabbles in several other careers until she is handed the job of artist managers by an artist she hires for a party. Green to the music world, she makes several missteps before she regains her footing and gets the hang of things. She’s a party girl with a colorful past who’s trying to make something of herself despite what people used to say about her. Smart, down to earth, likeable, driven, ambitious, business savvy, quick learner, focused, enthusiastic about whatever she’s into, says what’s on her mind.
  • Extras: (Male and female, ages 18+, open ethnicity)


These positions are not paid.

How to Apply:

Please send a brief description of yourself and a photo to: 25onceproductions@gmail.com

NOTE: If we are interested in having you audition, we will send you a partial script and character profile along with audition date and place.

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