West Michigan Film Office Location Alert: “30 Minutes or Less”

Closed Bank Branch Needed for Shoot

We would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give in our search for a closed bank for filming scenes for “30 Minutes or Less”. Although our filming is based in Grand Rapids, we feel we’re running out of viable options in the metro GR area (although we’re all ears if someone has an idea), so we are considering anything within a 1 hour drive of Grand Rapids.

What we are looking for is the following:

A closed branch of a bank, either still owned by a bank or in private hands, with at least 6-8 teller positions and as large a lobby area as possible. If it’s a suburban branch, we’re trying to get one that is amongst other businesses and not set back from the road and heavily landscaped. Our bank needs to have the feel of being just outside downtown Grand Rapids, in a commercial district with more businesses and less residential sections like the neighborhood on Division south of Fulton, where the size of the buildings drops down to 2 or 3 stories. Ideally the bank would be a free standing building with its own parking lot. The more windows the better and a tile or terrazzo floor is better than carpeting, but not a deal breaker. We’ll need it for about 10 days (5 prep, 3 shoot, 2 wrap) sometime in August (exact dates are still being worked out), but we need to be able to show the director all options asap (in the next few days).


Please email or call with any leads, hopefully with contact names and numbers so I can vet them before driving out to see them.

Email: rick@wmta.org

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3 Responses to “West Michigan Film Office Location Alert: “30 Minutes or Less””

  1. Rocco Guirlanda says:

    Check out Oakland Community College’s Crest Center at the Auburn Hills Campus. They have a training city for police and fire departments that I think has a bank in it. And by the way I’m a fire fighter and actor, so if I could audition for a part in the bank, if they have one, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Try Muskegon!!! I’m pretty sure there’s one or two closed banks throughout the city. I’ll look around and email any specific locations I find!

  3. Barbara says:

    There s a Fifth Third Bank in Jonesville, Mi. up fpr sale-it is n US99-very easy to find-probaly can call the Hillsdale branch for all the information.
    This bank is across the drive from a strip shopping center which includes a Walmart and several other open stores.
    It is a very nice area and the bank is not very old-that branch just did not get as much business as the Hilldsale branch.
    Also, would great appreciate any help in getting my extremely handsome son in any shot in the film.
    Thank you.

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