West Michigan to Rally in Support of Michigan Film Incentives

West Michigan Film Industry Task Force Rally

The West Michigan Film Industry Task Force is planning a rally in Grand Rapids, Tuesday, October 19 at noon at Rosa Parks Circle to promote the success stories created thanks to the state’s film and production incentives.

Speakers include:

  • West Michigan Film Office – the impact of $35 million dollars spent in West Michigan
  • Chef Josef Van Horn, Caterer — created a crafts services business catering to film productions
  • Malinda Petersen — created MP Talent Agency and is finding actors work because of the incentives
  • Katie Miller, Director of Sales, Gateway Hotel, increase in room nights from film crews
  • Stasia Savage – IATSE 26 Business Manager, increase in jobs and retrained a work force
  • Teresa Thome, Fubble Productions, producer of Emmy winner “Come on Over,” Holland

The Michigan Film Incentives were passed in April 2008 by unanimous vote in the Michigan House and only one nay vote in the Senate. To date, the film incentives have brought into the state over one hundred film projects with over $300 million dollars spent in Michigan restaurants, retail, and other businesses; over 7,000 production jobs and 4,000 jobs for extras have been created. Just two years later, as many of those supportive legislators leave office, new candidates for Michigan’s legislature have challenged the film incentives as too expensive for the state to continue.

For more information visit: www.wmfilm.org

Virg Benero & Rick Snyder: Where They Stand on Film Incentives

  • Virg Benero: He wants to give state subsidies more time before deciding whether to
    make any dramatic changes.
  • Rick Snyder: The incentives are not sustainable in the long run, but won’t pull the
    rug out from under those who have invested in Michigan’s film industry.

Express your opinion to Michigan’s two Governor candidates!

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