“War Flowers” Starring Christina Ricci to Film in Michigan

Unity Studios First Feature Film “War Flowers”

Unity Studios Michigan Casting

Unity Studios has begun production of “War Flowers,” its first feature length film. The Civil War-era family drama, produced and financed by Unity and directed by veteran filmmaker Serge Rodnunsky is being filmed on the studios’ sound stages and at select off-site locations around southeast Michigan. “War Flowers” all-star cast was partially packaged by ICM and includes Christina Ricci (The Addams Family, Penelope), Jason Gedrick (Backdraft), Tom Berenger (Platoon, Major League) and introducing Gabrielle Popa.

“War Flowers,” features a heartfelt family-focused storyline about Sarabeth (Ricci), a young mother whose husband has left her and her daughter to fight for the South in the Civil War. It follows the havoc and hardships the war creates for Sarabeth and her daughter, and explores their hopes, faith and belief that the man they love will return. All the while, they must decide the fate of a Yankee soldier (Gedrick) who enters their life. The movie also features impressive battle sequences and Civil War re-enactments.

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15 Responses to ““War Flowers” Starring Christina Ricci to Film in Michigan”

  1. Jim Theolet says:

    I am interested in this project. I have been an extra in Alleged and Real Steel.
    Thank you for consideration.
    Jim Theolet

  2. Tamie Moss says:

    I am also interested in this project…I have been an extra in Harold and Kumar 3.

    Thanks in advance,
    Tamie Moss

  3. sharon sigler says:

    I have been an extra on Real Steel and am interested in an extra position. Thank you. Sharon Sigler

  4. Elaine Schenk says:

    I am very outgoing, and looking for a chance to be an extra in filming occurring in Michigan. I am unemployed and my occupation is an admin asst, and customer service rep. I enjoy people, and would really dig the chance to get to be an extra in a movie. I acted as a teenager in small plays and amateur shows, and would welcome the chance to just be involved in filming in any manner. I am strong, active, in great health, and capable of learning anything. Nothing would be more rewarding and exciting than having the chance to be an extra or part of the filming process of a movie, short film, commercial, etc. I would work my ass off and would not disappoint whoever gives me a chance. Life is short, and this is one of the most important opportunities I hope I can fulfill. Please email me or call me at 734-729-2748. I would be willing to travel anywhere. I also have 80 acres of land in northern MI with a pond, cabin, and several pole barns and sheds. My property butts up against state land which makes it a great site for outdoor filming. Great sight for filming. Please email me and let me know what I can do to get a chance for an extra job. I am willing to clean, assist, run errands, do crowd control, be a driver, and an all around gopher if necessary.


  5. Matt B says:

    Please contact or let me know if there is any open role available in this film. I would love to come out and audition for you. I have experience and I’m looking for professional work.
    I’ve also worked with some of the Liften students on short films. Thanks again.

  6. Coco Lurz says:

    I am also interested in this project. I am 12 years old and I am local. I have brown hair and brown eyes.

    Thanks for the Consideration,

    Coco Lurz

  7. tracey mitchum says:

    I am interested in being an extra
    I was an extra in Machine Gun Preacher

  8. Lisa McPhee says:

    I am interested in this project. My Kids and I have been selected as extra’s in Machine Gun Preacher.

    I Hope to hear back from you.

    Thank you,

    Lisa McPhee

  9. Jillian Waun says:

    I am interested in being an extra in your film. I am in my teens and take direction well. Thank you for your consideration. Jillian

  10. Morgan Morin says:

    This sound like an exciting project. I would very much like to be informed if any roles were to come up. I have no “professional” experience, however, I am quick to learn and very theatre fond.

  11. Jon Martin says:

    I am interested in any male roles age 35-55 for this project. I have heard of it coming to Michigan and am eager to audition. I am happy to send head shots and resume. Please call me at 313-550-7799 with any information or questions.

    Thank you for your consideration. Jon Martin

  12. Liam Higgins says:

    I am 18 years old and would like to be an extra in this movie. I will be able to send a head shot and a resume.

  13. Bill says:

    I am available if assistance is needed. DrBillEdwards@yahoo.com

  14. Ashley says:

    I am 23 years old and would love to be on set for this movie in any way. I am extremely outgoing and on the ball at any moment needed. I would appreciate it if there was anything I could do to be a part of this film project. That would be amazing ! I can send a headshot and resume if needed. Thanks so much !

  15. Fabio says:

    I Am happy, that in this film “War Folowers”, the principal protagonist is the Great and Legendary actor, Mr. Tom Berenger.


    Fabio (name) Raina (surname) – Alessandria City – Regione Piemonte – Notrh Italia

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