“Transformers 3” to Film Scenes in Detroit, Michigan

Director Michael Bay Selects Detroit

Destroy Transformers - Transformers 3 in Detroit, MI

“Transformers 3” is finally set to partially film in Metro Detroit. Several scenes are scheduled to be filmed around the area. Filming for the action movie is expected to begin in August and last two to three weeks.

“Transformers 3” is expected to open in 2011.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Replace Megan Fox!

Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been cast as the female lead for “Transformers 3” and will replace Megan Fox. Rosie has worked with Michael Bay on a lingerie commercial, but has no other acting experience.

“Transformers 3” Detroit Extras Casting:

For details on how to apply as an extra visit the extras casting page.

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44 Responses to ““Transformers 3” to Film Scenes in Detroit, Michigan”

  1. Marcus Bradford says:


    Please contact me if there is an open role in the movie i can audition for. i will send my information and description if there is a role available.
    thank you

  2. Nemanja Filipovic says:


    My name is Nemanja and i have always loved transformers. If there is any information on adutions please tell me. I love to act and have been doing it for a long time. I will send my information if needed!

    Thank you for your time

  3. Brenda Thomas says:

    My name is Brenda and transformers has been one of my favorite action movies for a while now. If there is any information about auditions i would love to hear about it, you can send the roles and their description if available, i will also send my information if needed.

    Thank you, Brenda

  4. Matt Branistareanu says:

    I’m with these people. I’m a Michigan actor, and I need a chance at a L.A audition. Please post any further information asap. Thank You and have a great day!

  5. john tracy says:

    My name is john tracy and I am 8yrs old. I have been on tv for gap back to school and also did a short film in michigan. I would love to be a extra for this film. If there is any infomation or audtion for this please let me know.

  6. Lauren Lawler says:

    I have been one of the BIGGEST fans of Transformers for years now. I’ve seen the movies and the TV show, I own action figures and the monopoly game. It’s one of the greatest movies EVER created. I’m 17 years old and I have some acting experience through school along with some of the greatest teachers! Please post any auditions you have soon or email me :) I’d love to audition for such a phenomenal movie

  7. Jacob Wade says:

    Are you looking for a super cool kid to be in the film Love the Transformers very excited to hear that I could be apart of this movie

  8. Shayna Wilson says:

    Hello, my name is Shayna Wilson and im an apsiring actress. Ive done extra work in the past for other notable films and if possible I would love to be notified for any auditions or extra work regarding this film.
    Thank you!

  9. Terry Elrod says:

    If you are looking for extras, I and others are interested.

  10. Brittany says:

    Hey my name is Brittany Cleveland. I am a inspring actress. I posses all the qualities in the acting field. I would be highly interested in this role. Im soo excited about the casting calls.

  11. Daren Brooks says:

    Hello, my name is Daren Brooks and acting is something I have always wanted to do. I’ve acted in little things at school in the past. I am a hard worker I have a positive attitude. I will do whatever you say anything you say. So if you want to cast me in this film you have my e-mail. If not i will always remember that the sky is the limit.

    Thank you.

  12. SAM WALKER says:


  13. Peggy Port says:

    Looking for extra work, and looking forward to Transformers 3.

    Peggy: 47 years old
    Robert Port: 19 years old

  14. Michelle Andrews says:

    Looking for extra work; both myself and my husband. I heard Transformer 3 is in need of Factory work extras. My husband is a retired factory worker

    Michelle – 48
    Dennis – 53

  15. Bob Grant says:

    My wife & I are looking for work as “Extras”
    I am 61 and my wife Cheryl is 58

  16. Andrew Dawe-Collins says:

    I’d love to be a part of this film in any way at all. I’m a bit scruffy looking, 52, shoulder length hair, balding with a biker type beard and sideburns.

  17. Lauren says:

    I can’t turn myself into a semi truck, so hopefully that’s not what you’re looking for. But if you are in the market for any extras, you got it!

  18. Chuck Bassett says:

    Firefighter/Paramedic by trade. Looking for extra work. Have experience in a comercial, and worked a week on real steal. If you guys need a realistic looking firefighter I’m your man. :) I would take any role available though. Please let me know. Thanks

  19. Michael Bugard says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. Please let me know as soon as more information is available.

  20. Steve Griffin says:

    Please email me. I am looking to get into this movie either as an extra or ANY other roll that you might have available.
    Thank you.
    I’m 5’10” 225 lbs 36 yr old white male, shaved head and forearm tattoos

  21. Kevin Hill says:

    I’m interested in being an extra in the Transformers 3 movie. I live in Michigan and will be available anytime. I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep me informed on any casting calls, thank you!

  22. Jade Crosby says:

    Hi, my name is Jade, im 17 and i love acting. I also loved both transformers. I can be available anytime for any part.
    I am 5’7, mixed (african american, caucasion, and indian), bright hazel eyes, light brown hair with highlights, and 121 pounds. I can send you my acting resume and picture if there are any openings. Thank you :)

  23. Lisa Wright says:

    My 5 year old son would like to be an extra. Hes cute and smart.

  24. cher kue says:

    would love to be an extra been looking for work things are tough let me know

  25. Joshua Mann says:

    Hi, my name is Joshua, I am a 20 year old white male, and around 6’2″ 278 lbs.

    I have been a fan of Transformers since before is was born and have collected Transformers memorabilia ever since, I love the movies and Michael Bay’s films and have always wanted to be in one of the films no matter what extra or anything.

    Please let me know if there are any casting calls coming up for the film. Thank you.

  26. Dejuan Forris says:

    hello my name is Dejuan D. Forris I am a 23 yr old african american my stats are; 5’8, 190. I love this moving so much I’ve been searching for a way to find out when and where is the casting call for a month now since I’ve heard about it. I love to act and one of my biggest dreams is to become a movie star and I know if I was chosen it could start here. I would really appreciate it if I could get a response about the casting calls thank you so very much!

  27. Reese Foster says:

    Definitely interested, experienced and available. Filmography on IMDB. Thanks….

  28. Mike Daniels says:

    19 year old male here, and I absolutely love the Transformers’ movies. Would love to know of any extra casting or anyway to get involved. email at mikebdaniels@gmail.com

    Transformers ROCKS!

  29. Danielle Bailey says:

    I am 23, female…Please e-mail me and let me know when the casting calls will be held. I would love to be involved in any way possible. Thank you

  30. John Hoogeveen says:

    Please email me as soon as we find out when casting for detroit shoots will be!

  31. T.C. Real says:

    Hey I would love to be part of this movie, my name is Terrence C. Ward aka T.C.Real the artist/actor from Detroit! I recently flew into Mliwaukee for your casting call there, after standing in line for 5 hrs I still haven’t heard anything? I now have 9 major movies under my belt; 8 Mile, The Island, Whip it, Red Dawn 2010, Swat: Fire Fight, Real Steel, Harold & Kumar 3, The Double, and Machine Gun Preacher. Please consider me when you guys start shooting here in Detroit….contact me at tcreal65@yahoo.com Thanks ahead of time Terrence aka T.C.Real

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  33. Mr. Shannon Lejuan Clements says:

    Hey Transformers 3 casting crew contact me at mr.shannonlejuanclements@gmail.com when you have any castings or even just need me as an extra. I also have my boo-to-film rights up for grabs so Holla! The Star Explorers: The Discovery is the one up for grabs and then there are the others to foolow. Yes it’s a trilogy that promises to rival Star Trek and Star Wars. As I herar it the force has beden leaving someone! LOL!

  34. Mark Cicchini says:

    Hi! My name is Mark Cicchini. I am an avid lover of the Transformers series. I have lived in China for 4 years. Beijing for 3, and Shanghai for 1. China opened my mind to new possibilities. It has made me into a stronger person. China gave me the courage to step up and try to audition for a real movie. I found about the cast calls from my friends’s dad, who works at a car company. He is working on making some of the “robotic parts” of the film. I love acting and am willing to do anything that will make this next instillation of the Transformers series, a big success. What really made me step up, and to take a risk was my second cousin. His name is Robert Cicchini and he is an actor who has filmed in minor roles in movies and TV shows such as, Dreamgirls, Gilmore Girls, CSI, Everybody Hates Chris, Law & Order, Godfather: Part 3, and Desperate Housewives. I have been in all of my middle school plays and am currently going into 9th grade. I am caucasian, brown haired 14 year old male. My roles in my school productions have been all major roles. My teachers have been amazing and have recommended me. One of the benefits of living in China is the ability to read, write, and speak chinese. To be perfectly frank, I am not completely fluent in it. But I know enough to carry out a fluid and thorough conversation. I know you are filming in China and Detroit, so I was hoping I could be a help! I have also voiced as a major cartoon character in a kid’s cartoon in China. Which by the way, was the chance of a lifetime! I understand that there are a myriad of talented hopefuls out there, but I am hoping a can be a part of this film. I am currently moved back in the Detroit metro area. If you think I can be a help, please e-mail me or call…
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity
    Mark Cicchini

  35. Mark Cicchini says:

    email is cicchiniboy@hotmail.com…in case it did not show up

  36. Joseph Mallad says:

    Please contact me if and when casting calls open for set extras.

  37. Josh Rasler says:

    hello my name is Josh Rasler i am 17 and i am a huge fan of the transformers seires. i am 6 foot 3 inches tall (i’ve heard that you perfer tall people for extras). i have not acted but i can do running away things and i am open to trying anything you would need me to do. i live in michigan and could easily get to detroit if you need me because i can drive. i hope i can be of assistance to you. please e-mail me if there are any extra’s available. i am also available all day every day just let me know. i would love it if you could please consider me. thank you for this opportunity.

  38. Walter Lee says:

    hey this is Walter Lee from Harrison Twp Mich Iam interested in being an extra in Transformers 3 where at in detroit it going to located at please call me at 586 468 4726 or 586 464 7894 email me at walterlee01@hotmail.com

  39. gus shamoon says:

    im interested to acting i’ve been to acting for the past 24 years im inbetween jobs looking for extras or main roll i will surprise to whom it may concern.

  40. Marion Arguello says:

    My name is Marion and I was looking up info on being an extra for transformers 3. I am 5/9 , 120 weight, and a size 9 waist. I am very much interested in film, movies, and acting. I am 24 yrs old and would love to be apart of transformers. I just email a photo and info about me for extra work in Detroit or where ever is possible.

  41. Jamal Pugh says:

    My name is Jamal and I am a 12yr old boy looking to be an extra for transformers 3. I am 4″11″, weight 90 and size 16. I am very much interested in acting and modeling, therefore I would love to play a role in one of my favorite movies.

  42. Barbara Allen says:

    I am ready to be a part of this movie. I am so proud that Detroit was picked to film. I actually work down the street. Please email me so that I can be apart of this.

  43. Pete S says:

    Gigante Production Catering

  44. Sophie says:

    hey, my name is Sophie. My brother and i were wondering if you needed some extras. My brother cy is 17 and i am 14. If there are bigger parts in the movie that ask for teenagers we would love to take them.Cy is 6’0 with brown hair and blue eyes and one cool dude.(he made me say that). I am 5’7 or 5’8 with brown hair,blue eyes and many freckles. please contact me.

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