“Sparkle” Feature Film Approved for Michigan Film Incentives

The Michigan Film Office Approves “Sparkle”

The Michigan Film Office announced today that the feature film “Sparkle” has been approved for a film incentive from the state. The film, set in Detroit during the height of the Motown era, follows the journey of a family of musically-driven sisters as they perform their way up from neighborhood jazz joints to the packed house of the Fox Theatre.

Sparkle is expected to shoot in the metro Detroit region and will be directed by Salim Akil who directed the feature film Jumping the Broom and the television series The Game. Debra Martin Chase, TD Jakes and Salim and Mara Akil will produce the film.

“The music and atmosphere that was the heart and soul of Motown in the 1960s is as much a character in this film as the individuals portrayed throughout the story,” said Carrie Jones, director of the Michigan Film Office. “This is an incredible opportunity to highlight one of Detroit’s most significant cultural exports of the last century. The project has also put a strong emphasis on hiring a Michigan-based crew to shoot the film, making it an overall great fit for the film incentives.”

Sparkle was awarded an incentive of $3,104,455 on $7,410,216 of projected in-state expenditures. The project is expected to hire 266 Michigan workers with a full time equivalent of 44 jobs.

This is the 12th project approved under the new policy and guidelines issued by the Michigan Film Office. In 2011, 14 projects have been approved with $22,748,375 in incentives being awarded on $54,644,552 of approved production expenditures for the year. These projects are expected to create 1,678 Michigan hires with a full time equivalent of 355 jobs.

Casting Call Details:

At this time no casting information is available.Casting details and directions on how to apply will be provided as soon as they are available.

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8 Responses to ““Sparkle” Feature Film Approved for Michigan Film Incentives”

  1. Walter Lee says:

    hey i like to come here as an extra

  2. Jackie says:

    I have to be in this movie! it was my grandmother’s favorite and she passed 7 years ago. she made my cousins and i perform the entire movie every day! what a great way to tribute her! please let me know when open auditions start!

  3. April-Joi says:

    I would love to audition!!!! Please give INFO!!

  4. Kenny Clark says:

    I would love to come in for an audition for SPARKLE! Please keep me informed about the upcoming auditions for this featured film in Michigan.

  5. Auanitra Aiken says:

    I was born to play sister…..when will the casting information be available

  6. motorcitytwin-sharon smith says:

    we would love to auditions for the movie,you guys needed extra sign us up the motorcitytwinns sherry smith-sharon smith,we were extra for the movie that is out call real steel,with mr. jackman

  7. Taylor Elizabeth says:

    This is an amazing opportunity to work near home (from Northern MI)! I know I would be very good in a musical. Motown is my favorite type of music. Yes this is good this is real good. Can’t wait to hear about auditions;)


    I had the pleasure of knowing that Whitney was here in downtown Detroit for this movie. Good Luck Guys on your opening review.It’s still alot of talent in Detroit maybe one day they will let us have our part in it.

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