Ron Ware Cast in Detroit Film “The Domino Effect”

The Hollywood to Detroit Transition

New to Michigan, actor Ron Ware has been pursuing his acting career in Los Angeles for the last 8 years. Unsure how his new home would effect his career path, Ware had no choice but to give Detroit a try. To his surprise, after only a month of searching, Ware landed his first role in Michigan. “I just moved back to Michigan in September after 8 years in Los Angeles acting…. I sent out notices, obtained an agent and booked this film all within a month.”

Ron Ware was cast in the upcoming feature film, “The Domino Effect” . The film is scheduled to film in Detroit. Ware will play the Boss of a Limo Company that has hit some hard economic times and have to give some bad news to an employee.

“Stay with it people…you have to be in it for the long haul.. and enjoy the journey while you’re at it.”

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Congratulations Ron!

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