Did You Miss the Real Steel Open Casting Call?

It’s Not to Late to Work for Real Steel!

If you already sent in a picture but missed the open call you are still being considered. There is really no disadvantage. The open call group was offering some bookings so if you were not there you missed out on that. There are still plenty of other opportunities to get on the show though so if you sent in a pic already, or you are getting ready to, you will be considered and submitted to the director too.

This movie runs all the way to October so there are plenty of chances to work. Get your pictures in the sooner we have them the more scenes you will be considered for.

Apply to be a Real Steel Extra

To submit, mail a picture to:

Casting Associates
1301 Crenshaw Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90501

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5 Responses to “Did You Miss the Real Steel Open Casting Call?”

  1. Preston Collins says:

    An extra sounds like a job that would lead into something better in the future, probably! If given the chance, I would accept this position. However, I strongly believe that I would make quite an impression if given the opportunity to gain a larger role within this film. Which ever slot that is given to me, I guarantee I will make a great appearance.

  2. sharon sigler says:

    Please consider me for exrtra or background work. Thank you. Sharon Sigler

  3. Trish Kraus says:

    Why not allow an email submission?

  4. Gayle Budzynski says:

    I would love to be an extra. Please don’t post my e-mail address on here. Thanks

  5. Abel Perez says:

    Hi…. I mailed you all my information along with pictures about 3 wks ago…

    Please consider me for extra or background work…

    I am a 30 years old and can work the eleven days … I can provide all my information again if needed… thank you, Abel Perez (734) 313 310-8125

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