HBO “You Don’t Know Jack” to film at Oakland County Courthouse

Al Pacino as Jack Kevorkian

The HBO film, “You Don’t Know Jack”, will be filming in Michigan soon. The film stars Al Pacino as Jack Kevorkian, John Goodman and Susan Sarandon.

Filming will take place in October at an Oakland County courthouse.

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12 Responses to “HBO “You Don’t Know Jack” to film at Oakland County Courthouse”

  1. Jim Murray says:

    Will they need extras? When in October?

  2. K says:

    i am interested in being an extra if not play a small role if still has not been cast

  3. Dina says:

    I am interested in becoming a production assistant. I live in Oakland County and am extremely familiar with just about everything. I have 7 years of experience as a personal assistant and can work days, evenings, weekends, whatever it takes to get in the business.

  4. noah dolce says:

    i am a recent graduate of specs howard school of broadcast arts. i did the video program and fell in love with all the behind the scenes work. i would love a chance to work on a real production film. i can be contacted at

  5. Jessica says:

    If there is a need for extras, I’m definitely interested.

  6. Dave says:

    recent grip schooling,electrician with masters license looking to break into films

  7. Joslyn b. says:

    I live down town pontiac, i attentend specs howard school of broadcast arts and i will be out of school in oct. I would love to work behind the sceen of this movie. As a P.A. i would be able to pratice my craft even if i work for free.

  8. Joyce A. Wallace says:

    I have done some plays and a short film “The End” I am extremely interested in acting, in any way or form, in the movie “You Don’t Know Jack”. I am originally from Royal Oak and followed the doctor through all his efforts to assist people with no hope of living.

  9. Ashlee says:

    Are you in need of extras? I am very interested. I live only minutes away from the oakland county court house! I would be an excellent cadidate! I have acting experience as well!

  10. Alan Casadei says:

    Let me know about auditions for this project.Was a extra in the Irishman and Stone. Thanks!

  11. Denise Oliver says:

    I am interested in becoming an extra for this film. I can send a resume and headshot. Please email me back.

    Thank you!

  12. K says:

    Am interested in extra work

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