DWIFF Challenge 2010 – 48 Hour Film Challenge

DWIFF 2010 Challenge

The Detroit Windsor International Film Festival is proud to host the inaugural DWIFF Challenge! DWIFF is committed to encouraging the film community within the Metro Detroit Area.

2010 DWIFF Registration

2010 DWIFF team registration is open through June 11th and costs $75 to enter.  If you would like to register a team visit, www.dwiff.org

How It Works

Once you enter your team in the 2010 DWIFF Challenge you will be in for one wild weekend of non stop film making… forget about sleeping, you will need every last second.

The Gun Shot!

At 7:00 PM on Friday night the 11th of June all the teams will meet together in downtown Detroit (Location TBD). Here you will get your film making assignments… each team will get a different combination of the following elements.

  • Genre
  • Prop
  • Location
  • Character
  • Line of Dialogue

Then you are off to create a short (4-8 Minutes) film in the next 48 hours.

The Checkered Flag!

At 7:00 PM on Sunday night the 13th of June all the teams will meet again to turn in their final product (On miniDV tape of DVD). This is the first cut, cross the finish line with your completed short film before 7:00 and you are in for awards and prizes!

The Celebration!

On Sunday the 27th (The last day of DWIFF) we will host a special screening of all the films completed in the competition and have an award ceremony to honor the best films of 2010 DWIFF Challenge. At this time our sponsors will award the prizes to the top teams!

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