Kathleen Neumann – Michigan Actress & Model



Kathleen Neumann - Michigan Actress & Model

Kathleen Neumann - Michigan Actress & Model

  • HAIR: Brown
  • EYES: Blue


I have been doing work on movie sets recently. I was a stand in for Emily Blunt for three days for “The 5 Year Engagement” and did a lot of the insert work on that movie as well. I have also been an extra on quite a few other films. I have had some acting classes, but have decided to just throw myself into this with all I have. I have just bowed out of corporate America and would love to focus on the entertainment industy. I follow directions well and am easy to get along with. I love animals and consider myself to be a “animal whisper”. I have been a single mother for 15 years. I have had a lot of life experience and I believe it will help me a lot in this industry.


  • “The 5 Year Engagement” – Stand in for Emily Blunt and a lot of insert work


  • Modeling reality show for women over 35
  • Modeling for photography schools and workshops

Special Skills & Talents:

Great swimmer, play softball, do yoga, hula hoop, in very good shape, athletic, risk taker.


Stand in or extra work on films, commercials, TV shows and Print Modeling.

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