Isabella Soleil Zarran – Actress, Model, Singer & Musician


Isabella Soleil Zarran - Actress, Model, Singer, Musician

Isabella Soleil Zarran

  • DOB: 9/22/2001
  • HEIGHT: 4′-7″
  • SIZE: Child 7
  • HAIR: Brown
  • EYES: Blue
  • SHOE: 5.5

Acting/Modeling Objectives

Film, Theatre, Commercial & Print

Film Experience:

  • “Street Kings: Motor City” – Speaking Role/Extra – Chris Fisher, Ash Shaw


  • Weekly voice lessons with professional voice teacher
  • Theatre classes
  • Weekly piano lessons

Special Skills and Talent:

Singing, Piano, Monologues, Auditions, Writer, Excellent Swimmer
Dialects: Valley girl, British


My name is Isabella Soleil Zarran. I am 8 years old and live in Michigan. My hobbies are singing, playing the piano, dancing, voice lessons, performing, ice skating, arts and crafts, writing songs and movies, hanging out with my friends and family and new puppy.

I am creative, sweet, very funny, serious, outgoing, full of life and thoughtful. My teacher at school says I am very savvy. My voice teacher says that I was born to perform. I love going to musicals, and concerts. It is my dream to be a singer, actress, model.

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11 Responses to “Isabella Soleil Zarran – Actress, Model, Singer & Musician”

  1. samuel john says:

    hey bella its me sam your awesome i found your page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Isabella Zarran says:

    Thank you all for all your help sincerely Isabella Soleil zarran

  3. Madison says:

    Cool! U R lucky.

  4. Isabella Zarran says:

    Madison text me again sincerly Isabella Soleil Zarran

  5. hannah says:

    hi bell

  6. rebecca przybylo says:

    hi this is so cool that you have one of your own face books

  7. sola says:

    How often do you look at this thing? The last comment is from June 10th, 2010! Anyways, this is cool. I just looked you up on Google. I typed ‘Isabella Soleil Zarran’, and I found this. How many people know about this? Does Nya know? Tell all your friends at school! E-Mail me! and let’s try to do Chat.
    Love Your BFFE,
    p.s. Call, E-Mail, or Chat me.

  8. Isabella Soleil Zarran says:

    i do have to check this all the time. i know it was frome Rebecca one of my other friends. thats sooooooo cool that you looked me up. Love your BFF bella soleil zarran

  9. Madison says:

    Hey, Bella! Remember me? It’s me! I miss you. I hope you are having fun at your new school and that you made lot’s of new friends. Mrs. McCoy is awesome and I am getting more sadder as the school year ends because Mrs. McCoy is my most favorite teacher in the world. What about you? Write back!


  10. bella zarran says:

    hi madison it’s Bella how are you? i miss you too my fav teacher is Mrs. Cuplin my new teacher dont forget to call me P.S. I’m moving to Arizona.


  11. Bella Zarran says:

    Hi its Bella Soleil Zarran,
    The people that u see are my BFF’s if u want me to talk 2 u on here just look down and just wright ok.
    Love u,

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