Dominique Klinkel – Michigan Actress, Model, Singer & Voiceover

DOMINIQUE KLINKEL (parental contact)

Dominique Klinkel - Michigan Actress, Model, Singer, Voiceover

Dominique Klinkel

  • HAIR: Brown
  • EYES: Brown
  • DOB: August, 2010


Dominique is looking for roles in film, theater, television, modeling and voiceover.

Dominique is 12 years old (turns 13 on August 28th, 2010) and loves to perform. She plays bassoon for her school band and sings karaoke and has won several pageants, including Little Miss Michigan Princess Queen (National American Miss – 2004, went on to compete in California), Little Miss Calhoun County and Junior Miss Calhoun County in the Miss America system.


  • “Alice In Wonderland” – Knave of Hearts – Junior Theatre (Battle Creek, MI)

Special Skills & Talents:

Track, Basketball, Softball, Bassoon, Karaoke, Pageants

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