Bridget Delavan – Michigan Movie Extra


Bridget Delavan - Michigan Movie Extra

Bridget Delavan - Michigan Movie Extra

  • HEIGHT: 5′-4″
  • WEIGHT: 165 lbs.
  • HAIR: Salt & Pepper
  • EYES: Brown


People person, natural charisma/presence & love to dance freestyle by myself or in front of a crowd at area bars and festivals following my cousin’s classic rock & roll band. Never thought of myself as a singer, but I love to sing and score in the top 90s when singing on “Rock Band.”

Passion for motivativing and cheering on others in their dreams and aspirations, which is why being in a supportive role as an extra appeals to me.


Self-motivated and independent business owner for 20 years and all the businesses I have created were centered around promoting and motivating others…

1987 Р2005:  Stayed at home and created several consecutive businesses to be able to focus on raising my son. He loved movies as much as I did and I supported him from the time he was 3 in his acting and behind the scenes film aspirations.


Even though I have no acting credits, I feel that being an extra would be a great fit for my positive personality and enthusiasm for cheering others on, not to mention a lifelong passion for movies and a chance to be involved with creating them.

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